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Streets of Rogue: Anarchy, Chaos, and… Gorillas?

written by Jason Marcano February 6, 2017
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My latest gaming addiction is Streets of Rogue. It’s billed as “The world’s only RPG roguelike action stealth shooter brawler co-op megagame,” and I can certainly say I haven’t ever played anything like it. Developed by Matt Dabrowski, Streets of Rogue will be entering early access on March 8th. You may be wondering how I can be addicted to something that isn’t out yet. Well, that’s because you can already download the alpha to the game.

About Matt Dabrowski

Before we talk about Streets of Rogue, let’s learn a bit more about the developer, “Madguy” Matt Dabrowski. Matt has been making games since the 90s. In fact, I found an old page about Dabrowski that was last updated in 2009. Matt has worked on plenty of his own independent games, but has also worked with some bigger publishers. Sim City Societies was the first professional project he was heavily involved in. He also contributed to World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

Matt went dark for awhile citing bad luck and changing economic times. But he was unable to stay away from making games for long and soon, his passion was pulling him back into the world of game development. Now, Matt is ready to unleash his latest project into the wilds:

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Streets of Rogue – Cleaning (or Dirtying) Up the Streets

Streets of Rogue takes place in a procedurally generated city. You start by picking a character from the already expansive and unique list of 20 characters, a roster that will increase when the full game releases. Some of the characters included in Alpha 15 are: A regular old Slum Dweller, a hyper-intelligent Gorilla, a Vampire, and even a Shapshifter. The character you pick will greatly vary the way you play the game and tackle the missions.

Whichever character you go with, so far my favorite is the Hacker, you’ll start out in the lowest levels of the city – The Slums. It is here that you’ll get an idea of how this rogue-lite works. The denizens of the city all have their own habits, likes, and dislikes, and dependent on who you chose to play as, some of those dislikes may be you. For example, there are two gang members to chose from and if you choose one member, the rival gang will attack on sight.

That dynamic extends to the citizens as well and you can use it to your advantage. If you lead criminals to cops then they’ll lose focus on you as the cops try to rain down justice on your pursuers. You can even start fights among the populace by forcing your opponents to accidentally hurt someone else. It’s a fun mechanic to play with, and it’s only one layer of how deep this game can get.

streets of rogue csDespite only being in Alpha, Streets of Rogue is already a ton of fun and offers so much replayability. Every character offers a new way to take on challenges, all the missions have a variety of ways to be completed, and sometimes just running amok is a blast as well. With the array of weapons available, the city streets can easily become your murderous playground. You’ll also gain access to items that cause people to like you, make you grow into a giant, or otherwise buff/debuff you.

An interesting character choice in this regard is the Investment Banker. He starts out addicted to drugs and has to constantly take cocaine or other substances found around the map or else his health starts to tick down. Luckily he can borrow money from people, but make sure you pay them back, they might come after you if you don’t.

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When Streets of Rogue releases it will likely have 5 different areas. In the Alpha so far I’ve only seen the Slums and the next stage, the Industrial area. Dabrowski also intends on adding a “endless run” mode as he says it is one of the most requested features. When the game enters early access it will have even more content than what is already available in this robust alpha.

You geeks should download and give Streets of Rogue a chance. It can be played solo or with a buddy either online or locally. It enters early access on March 8, 2017, and who knows what’ll happen to the alpha after that. Don’t miss out on your chance to try this game out before you have to pay for it.

Follow it on Steam, either with the link above or below, and be sure to give Matt feedback. He’s very receptive. Also, let us know what you think or thought of the game in the comments below, and for more on Streets of Rogue as it becomes available, stick with DHTG.

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