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Strong: Ninja Warrior Meets Biggest Loser?

written by Ali L June 1, 2016


This April the reality tv show Strong debuted on NBC hosted by the gorgeous professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and narrated by  Executive producer Sylvester Stallone.

Strong began its season with 20 contestants; 10 professional trainers and 10 female trainees, who on the first day chose who they wanted to be trained by. Every trainer has a specialty and is said to be among the best in their field and their expertise range the spectrum from Crossfit to Parkour and even Ballet. The contestants are all “ordinary” women from all walks of life looking not so much to lose weight, but more to tap into their inner strength through fitness and elite training.

This is what makes Strong different from other reality TV weight loss programs; the focus for these women from these trainers is NOT weight loss, in fact, I think it’s slightly inaccurate to even call this a “weight-loss program”. The focus is just as the title suggests, these women are all in some way stuck in their personal lives, looking for more from themselves and wanting to become stronger, more confident and self-sufficient individuals in their day-to-day lives.

Strong Season 1

It’s this focus that is drawing viewers and possibly, according to rumors, possibly sinking the NBC titan The Biggest Loser, which has recently faced accusations of pushing contestants to use any means necessary, such as pills, to lose weight. Aside from these rumors, I think it’s the overall likability of the contestants on Strong that makes this show unique and increasingly interesting to watch. Because the show revolves around sometimes fantastic physical challenges and the use of a massive and grueling elimination structure called The Tower, the teams that truly gain synchronicity seem to perform the best.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out this brainchild from the creators of Ninja Warrior and you’re a fan of these types of athletic based reality programs, you’re sure to love Strong. Check it out!

If you’re not a fan of shows like Strong though NBC still has your back with Timeless, a new time traveling show coming this fall.

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