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Studio Ghibli Back At It With The Red Turtle! [Video]

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 14, 2016
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Studio Ghibli, the studio that brought you titles like Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and Nausicaa has created another work of are in the newest addition The Red Turtle, which is set to premiere in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival currently happening in France.

The Red Turtle (also known as La Tortue Rogue) is a silent film (by silent, I mean not much in the ways of dialogue) about a sailor who has become stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere and fights vigilantly to escape his new, undesired homeland until a strange encounter with a red turtle that invokes change within himself. The trailer also showcases a woman who seems to have shared a similar fate and a child between them.

The Red Turtle Poster

This gorgeous 80-minute animated film is directed by Michaël Dudok de Wit, the same man who created the animated short film Father and Daughter which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2000.

The movie is set to release in September of 2016 in Japan, however there has not been a release date set for the US. It shouldn’t be too hard to do since the dialogue is a bare minimum and we have had American releases of other Studio Ghibli films which I know the geek world (and even the not so geeky people) have come to love and appreciate dearly!

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