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Suicide Squad is Back and Have Hell to Pay in New Animated Movie

written by Jordan Cobb January 18, 2018
Hell to Pay

DC Comics knows how to make truly entertaining animated films, be they original stories or adapting a famous storyline. Well they got a new one coming out, here is our first look at Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay!

Suicide Squad as we all know is a team of villains from DC Comics led by Amanda Waller. They are prisoners hired by a secret government organization and go out on covert missions to reduce their sentences. Only the worst of the worst need apply.

The Squad was recently featured in their own animated film before in Batman: Assault on Arkham, however, this isn’t a sequel to that. This is a completely separate film, Assault on Arkham was set in the universe of the Batman: Arkham games. Also due to there being an entirely different cast with Christian Slater leading the charge as Deadshot, Tara Strong playing Harley Quinn once again, Vanessa Williams calling the shots as Amanda Waller, and Jim Pirri as our villain, Vandal Savage, among many others from the looks of it.

What we can tell from the trailer is that this is gonna go hard and most likely be rated R. The story will see appearances from a who’s who of DC’s rogue’s gallery as everyone is set on retrieving a mystical item from the immortal Vandal Savage. Nice way to build up some intrigue for us viewers. Knowing what all is in the DC Universe, who knows what it could be.

Until their polarizing 2016 film, the Suicide Squad hadn’t really been that well known outside the comic book fan circles, but people sure know who they are now. Now this film looks good and I did rather enjoy Assault on Arkham, but I do kinda wish they kept some of the original cast as I loved their dynamic together, but I’m up to see what happens with the new guys.

What do you think of the trailer? Excited? Not excited? Who is your favorite Suicide Squad member? Let us know in the comments below!

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