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Suicide Squad: Fan Threatens to Sue WB/DC Over “False Advertising”

written by Jason Marcano August 11, 2016

Suicide Squad, a movie that has only served to increase the ever growing divide between critic and fan, may have a lawsuit on its hands. The movie has already seen its fair share of bickering, but this latest development takes it a step further than even the petition to have Rotten Tomatoes removed from the internet.

One reddit user by the name of BlackPanther2016 has a brother that is a lawyer and together they have decided there is a “just cause” to sue Warner Bros. and DC over Suicide Squad‘s “false advertising scheme.” He claims that several scenes in the movie’s trailers were misleading as to what the final product would be.

Exhibit A: Suicide Squad Trailer #1 

BlackPanther2016 is claiming that several scenes from this trailer did not make it into the movie. Having seen the movie myself, he is correct, the scenes listed below are not in the movie. The specific scenes he’s referring to are:

  • When Joker banged his head on his car window
  • When Joker says, “Let me show you my toys…”
  • When Joker punchs[sic] the roof of his car
  • When Joker drops a bomb with his face all messed up and says, ”BYE BYE!”

SuicideSquad joker

He claims that these scenes were “explicitly advertised” in their TV spots and they (WB or DC) didn’t show them to him. There were also a couple of other scenes BlackPanther2016 was upset to miss:

“Adding to this, they were also 2 specific Katana scenes they advertised that were also the reason I wanted to go watch the movie. These scenes were: Katana’s eyes going black, and a slow motion shot of her and her sword taking souls…in a smokey kind of style.”

He claims to have driven from Scotland to London to see this movie, spending over 160 pounds ($207) in fuel money to see these scenes in Suicide Squad. He is suing for a return of his gas money, and for “the trauma of being embarrassed as I was being kicked out and people laughing at me for wanting my refund…”

His goal with this suit against Suicide Squad is this: He wants to end the “nonsense of bullshitery.” Claiming that if movie studios advertise something it should be in the movie. Period. Because it is based off of those scenes shown in the ads that get people to go see these films.

SuicideSquad JokerSplash

He really is a warrior for the people. He implores you to join him. He’s even started a petition on change.org where you can say you too want a refund due to the traumatic experience of seeing a movie that didn’t include a scant few, and arguably irrelevant, scenes shown in the numerous trailers leading up to Suicide Squad‘s release. He implores you to “don’t let them bribe you with their ‘deluxe premium special directors gold extended edition supreme cut‘ nonsense.” Going on to say we should have been given what was advertised in its original theatrical cut.

As of this writing the change.org petition has over 200 signatures from people who want refunds for seeing this movie.

suicidesquad petition

This is akin to suing McDonald’s over the Big-Mac not looking like it does in the picture when you pull it out of the box. Movie trailers have always contained scenes not in the final product. Often times trailers are made mid-production before any real editing has been done to the film. Things getting left on the cutting room floor isn’t uncommon at all. I really don’t think this case will garner much traction.

What do you geeks think? Have you seen the movie? Did you love it or hate it? Do you want your money back?

Source: Reddit

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