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Sunset City Needs You (To Kill More Mutants, Scabs and Robots)

written by BckuzRossizDead January 19, 2015


Do you like explosions? Ha! Rhetorical of course you do!

Sunset Overdrive is not only an Xbox One Exclusive but also an Xbox One superstar!
Mutants, robots, geeks and samurai boy scouts make for just the tip of the iceberg in over the top fun. Highly customizable, a blast of a story campaign and a multiplayer ripe with chaos, Insomniac Games scores big with this fourth wall breaking fast paced romp through the AWESOMPOCALYPSE!

Sunset Overdrive wins out the gate by its impressive customization system, it aims to please! Aside from a hand full of body types there are dozens of options for nearly everything else. There is a base set of cosmetic choices that expand with missions, challenges and multiplayer progression—same goes for weapons, boosts and traps.
After not only choosing your look and weapons you may also choose a set of overdrives; these are basically buffs that allow you to tune the gameplay to your liking. For example you can lock in overdrives that boost ammo on certain weapons or make certain enemy types weaker or maybe you want your power enabling “style meter” to gain power faster, there’s an overdrive for that.

Amp it up, your character can also equip amps which are powered by filling the “style meter”, once requirements are met you can throw tornadoes or have a chance to turn one of your shots into a nuke. Amps also can enable healing abilities or buffs, amps can make you rain fire, rapture away enemies in a puff or electrify rails to spark enemies as you grind. If you’re a more creative type there are amps that explode your enemies into confetti or flowers upon kills. But the best amp (although somewhat useless) enables a disembodied announcer who breaks the fourth wall to announce how kick ass you are.

The campaign is hefty especially if you meet all challenges and tasks I would put it within the realm of 12-20 hours for completion. Another element so fun about Sunset is its steady streams of updates and challenges. In fact there is Sunset TV an in-game news stream, which allows weekly votes that improve, add or tweak gameplay through players voting. Sunset TV also hosts the occasional contest in addition to showcasing fan art and creations.

The multiplayer is super fun and a great way to come up on weapons not available at 2 Hat Jack [weapons and ammo vendor]; you also can gain in-game currency and amp upgrades.

Exploring Sunset City is a joy there is art everywhere, free stuff rains from the sky, the developer has hidden secrets all over and you can almost endlessly chain traversal whilst fending off mutants—as a bonus you can save other survivors and raid bank trucks as well as overdrive trucks.


Season Pass currently available (Weapons Pack and Mystery of Mooil Rig Out Now! With a third DLC installment to come.)

Super available everywhere, if you haven’t played you need to!
I give this game a strong 9 out of 10

(I have logged 99 hours in this game and can’t get enough)

+Tired of the cover system? Sunset will fix that.
+Jet Set Radio Future with insane guns (Pyro Launcher, Roman Candle Gun, Hairspray Bomb).
+Customization system so you can be who you wanna be in the awesompocalypse!
+Epic Cameo

-May be too awesome
-Soundtrack is great but hope you like garage punk
-Glider missions a bit of a pain

Check out the trailer here:

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