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Super Mario Run Coming Out Next Month for $9.99

written by Jordan Cobb November 15, 2016

Its time to go running with Mario and no that doesn’t mean another speed run through Super Mario Bros. 3.

Nintendo has announced via press release that the very first Mario game specifically developed for mobile devices, Super Mario Run will be released on the app store on December 15. Super Mario Run is a “runner” style mobile game. These games are where players will tap the screen of their phone or tablet to manipulate Mario as he runs across the screen to help him jump in order to avoid various obstacles and enemies, pick up coins along the way, clear the gaps, pull off some cool moves, and of course reach the flagpole at the end of each level.

You can see for yourself in the gameplay footage below.

Nintendo developed the game with DeNA, who helped them previously with Miitomo, but took up a lot more of the work this time around while Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto oversaw the project.

The game will be available only on devices running iOS 8 or later upon release with no word as of yet on the Android version. The most interesting part of the announcement though came when it was mentioning its content. Super Mario Run will be free to download with some levels for you to play and if you’re enjoying it you can simply unlock the whole game for only $9.99.


That’s not a typo, to play the full game its gonna cost roughly $10 to do so. I can already hear your eyebrows rising up. Super Mario Run being a free-to-play game wouldn’t be a surprise and I’m sure plenty expected in-app purchases, but not this hefty a price for a mobile game. $10 is a bit steep for a game in the mobile market so this news definitely comes as a surprise.

Now some people will see this as a sweet deal since Nintendo rarely sells their games this cheap, but others probably won’t and see it as out of character for the company. The move might also seem smart on Nintendo’s part since iOS users on the average are willing to spend on in-app purchases 2.5 times more than Android users according to AppsFyler.

Regardless, there will be some divide on this issue up until the release of the game.

What do think of this? Are you excited for Super Mario Run? Will you download it and is $10 worth the full game? Let us know in the comments below!

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