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Super Mario Run DHTG Review

written by Alex Lopez December 17, 2016

Super Mario Run is finally here. The mobile game, announced in September, has finally launched on iOS and it’s exactly what we thought it would be.

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The auto-running mobile game is free to download, giving players a taste of the game. After that, the game has as set price point of $9.99. That price gives access to all of the remaining levels, along with 20 Rally Tickets, 3,000 Coins and 1 Question Box. Once you have paid the $9.99, you will not have to pay for anything else. Considering most mobile games have micro-transactions, $9.99 isn’t too steep for a full game.


The gameplay is exactly what you would expect from an auto-running game. Mario will run and vault over small obstacles and enemies, while touching the screen will make Mario jump. If you press and hold the screen, Mario will jump higher. Pressing the screen in mid-air allows Mario to do a midair spin, which will slow down his decent.

As you progress through the levels, you collect coins that can be used to help rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom. There are also different color coins throughout the levels. Collecting all of these coins will unlock another set of coins that are more difficult to find. The full game comes with six worlds and four levels per world, so good luck finding all of the coins.


There is also a mode called Toad Rally. You race against either the AI or against your friends to collect the most coins with style. As you collect coins and gain style points, Toads will randomly gather to cheer you on. At the end of the race, the Toads that cheered you on will join your Kingdom. These Toads will help you rebuild your Kingdom that was destroyed by Bowser. If you lose, you will lose Toads who will then join your opponent’s Kingdom.


Design and Sound

Super Mario Run doesn’t make any changes from previous console Mario games. It has the same 2.5D design that we are used to from New Super Mario Bros. The colors and character design are the same too. As far as the look of the game, don’t expect anything different from what you have already seen. The sound design in the game is also similar to New Super Mario Bros. The excellent mix of classic Mario with a bit of a twist continues to give a modern feel to the gaming icon. For someone who hasn’t played a Mario game in a while, the sounds definitely take me back to the NES days.

Nintendo’s first big foray into the mobile gaming world is a great one. Mario has worldwide recognition and Nintendo is hoping that recognition will turn to big money for them. With its simple gameplay mechanics and recognizable characters, Super Mario Run┬áis a good mobile game that brings with it tons of nostalgia. If you are looking to scratch that Nintendo itch while waiting for the Switch, then I highly recommend this game.

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