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Super Troopers 2 – New Trailer!

written by Dominic Gomez January 22, 2018
Super Troopers 2 with release date

Meow, it’s been about 17 years since Super Troopers was released. Meow, there’s been some chatter over the last few years about a sequel. An Indiegogo campaign was even started a couple years ago to get the film off the ground. That campaign is meow closed, but it raised over $4.6 million. Considering that was crowdfunded that should go to show how many people want to see this film.

We had a teaser trailer a few months ago, with the gang wanting to shave Rabbit’s umm…you’ve seen the first one right? Thorny, Rabbit, Mac, Cap, Foster, and Farva are all back! Meow we have our first real trailer for the film that is going to be very appropriately released on 4/20/18. If you live in one of the states where weed is legal there is a very good chance that your theater will smell like something that had a Johnny Chimpo sticker on it.

Meow, Super Troopers was one of those movies that have a huge cult following. I know I’ve been waiting for a sequel to come out for a long time and meow we only have to wait another three months for it to be released. None of these guys are going to be nominated for an Emmy or whatever fancy award there is for great acting. This movie won’t break box office records. Especially with the box office monster Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson saving a movie come out on the same day. Although concessions may go thru a shortage of nachos and hot dogs trying to keep up with everyone that has the munchies.

Meow, it looks like our good friends on the Vermont Highway Patrol get to incorporate a small French Canadian town. Farva might finally get his liter of cola.

A word to any theaters playing this movie, if you don’t have a 4:20 showing, you need to evaluate your life decisions.

Are you as stoked as I am we are months away from the Super Troopers 2 release? Let us know in the comments. MEOW!

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