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Superfight: A game of absurd arguments Review

written by Tom_Winstone July 22, 2015

If you are anything like me you’ve probably spent a lot of time wondering “who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk?” You’ve got a lot of theories in your head, and you discuss them with your friends at length. While you are convinced the Man of Steel could snap Bruce Banner’s neck before he begins to lose his color, your friend has a different theory. The debate rages on until every aspect of comic book and movie lore is exhausted. You are victorious, but now you’ve got the taste of debate, and you’re ready for another…but who to choose.

BoxSkybound, an Image Comics imprint and home to The Walking Dead, have designed a card game you can use to engineer the perfect fight scenario. The simple box contains 500 playing cards made up of a deck of white cards and black cards. The white cards are filled with 160 different characters ranging from Chuck Norris to Pikachu. The black deck includes different attributes the characters may have, for example “armed with dynamite”, or “has only one arm”. The game is incredibly straight forward and easy to play. Two players are dealt a hand containing three character cards and three attribute cards and they need to design the best fighter possible. From their hand they choose one character card and two attribute cards to create the contest of champions.

From there the game gives you and your friends chance to explore life’s important questions like…could Robin Hood (if he were made of stone and had a time traveling phone booth) really win a fight against a pregnant T-Rex with frost breath? The idea of the game is that the two contestants debate this scenario, until the other players are satisfied they can declare a winner. The winner of the debate (let’s face it, it was the T-Rex) stays in play and a new player steps forward to challenge the champ, maybe Iron Man in a blimp armed with portal gun…

Now Fight!

I’ve played this game at a few different parties and even a wedding and the different crowds have all gotten into the spirit of it very quickly. It’s a great conversation starter. The bizarre concoctions of characters were referenced all night, long after the game had ended. The game play is very similar to Cards Against Humanity, and there are even expansions available if you wished to make the game a little more explicit. The best part for me though is that the box also comes with blank cards so you can customise your own characters and powers to throw into the mix.

The game can be ordered directly from SuperFight and the site also includes the rules and a few tutorial videos to show you how fun the game can be.

…now Fight!

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