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SuperGiant Games unveils Pyre

written by Branden H April 19, 2016
Pyre Heroes Stand Ready

Bastion was a thing of beauty and Transistor was right up there with it, so when SuperGiant Games unveiled their newest title Pyre today, this giant jumped for joy. The reveal trailer, which I’ll include at the end of the article, looks awesome. The art style is as beautiful as ever and the ideas behind the game sound incredibly awesome. Not to mention along with the unveil they are going to bring it to Pax East this week!

The story of Pyre shows off SuperGiant’s commitment to telling an engrossing story. Your character is discovered by a band of exiles and it is up to you to lead them through the land to learn about the Rites. This secret competition will determine who are the worthiest of exiles and those that prove their worth get to return home with a clean slate. It’s like a get out of jail free card, just with violence. Even better, your actions determine who gets to go home and who will remain an exile for the rest of their days.

Exiles Fight in Pyre

Right now details are scarce on this particular title but they have released a flicker photo stream which you can check out here. I have faith that Pyre will be a talked about game as the time goes on and when it comes to PAX any geek that goes needs to let us know how it plays. This has proven to be a big day for reveals so far and we’re just getting started.

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