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Supergirl Currently Left Up in the Air

written by Jordan Cobb May 6, 2016

While Superman has been tearing up the big screen recently, his cousin Supergirl has been doing the same but on the small screen of television over at CBS.


No official word has been given yet on rather or not the show returns for a second season in the fall, but a recent development has wielded a good news/bad news situation. So since its better to gut punch you first before being cheered up with a lollipop, bad news first.

Bad news: The estimated $3 million cost per-episode might lead to cancellation. CBS does want to keep the show on, but Nielsen numbers are showing to the network that the ratings aren’t justifying the price they pay.

Good news: The show might move over on to the CW and join The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and iZombie for a big full DC line-up on the network.

As it stands right now, head of CBS, Leslie Moonves and Warner Bros. TV higher-up, Peter Roth, are in talks over the show and hopefully can give an answer before CBS presents its fall schedule at upfront presentations in New York, which are in two weeks.

The move to the CW, proposed by Moonves, would actually work out for all involved since CW is a joint venture between Warner and CBS. Not to mention the younger audience of the CW might attach more quickly to the show than the average CBS audience member, which skews a bit older. More crossovers between Supergirl and other DC shows on CW would be possible and a lot smoother given Supergirl was still on CBS when The Flash dropped by for a visit.


What’s your reaction, are you hoping Supergirl still flies high where it is or should it change course? Let us know in the comments below!

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