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Pokémon Sun and Moon Coming to Switch as Pokémon Stars (Rumor)

written by Jason Marcano November 18, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon Art

Pokémon Sun and Moon have just come out. As the mostly positive reviews come pouring in for Game Freak’s latest entry into the decades old franchise, we’re getting news that they’re already hard at work on the next game – Pokémon Stars. Set in the tropical island paradise that is the Alola region, Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced scores of new ‘mon as well as variants on old favorites.

Long time fans of the series are always ready for a third entry after the first two. Pokémon Red and Blue got YellowPokémon Ruby and Sapphire’s special edition was Emerald. As you can see, it is tradition that a third version is released a year or two later. This special edition also comes with it’s own additions.

A report from Eurogamer, they were also the guys and gals who brought us the now confirmed Nintendo Switch rumors, says that Game Freak is already hard at work on the next entry in the series. This is notable because this will be the first proper Pokémon game to be released on a home console. Given the Switch’s versatility it’s a perfect fit.

Eruogamer’s sources tell them that the new game, tentatively titled Pokémon Stars is already “well into development”. It should be out some time in 2017. The game will feature the same relative set up as its 3DS counterparts while adding features and Pocket Monsters of its own.

It sounds like this is the version to get, that is if you can wait over a year. But completionist will want to get all three. Often, the games compliment each other and bonuses are unlocked for playing the other two and connecting them.

Any of you geeks pick up Pokémon Sun or Moon? I’m not big on handhelds, so this news of the game coming to Switch is a blessing. It’s the best of both worlds, playing at home and on the go. The Switch is starting to look more and more appealing with each passing day. Let us know what you think about this rumor in the comments below. As always we’ll be following this to bring you any confirmation, so stick with DHTG.

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