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SyFy’s ‘The Expanse’ Has Just Found A Savior

written by Johnny Perkins May 29, 2018
the expanse

“What kind of half-assed apocalypse are they running down there?”

The Expanse was canceled. After three seasons on SyFy (which I still think should be called Sci-fi Channel), the third of which is still airing.  The show which is very reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica, and probably SyFy’s best show since then. And only after a very short while of being in the canceled world, Jeff Bezos has ridden in on his stead and saved the day. With a great call to arms from fans, Amazon has saved The Expanse for another season.

Jeff Bezos Blue Origin

“You’ve done your planet a great service!”

With over 100,000 signatures, fans urged Amazon and Netflix to pick up the show in it’s canceled state. Geek celebrities also chimed in to try and get the show picked up. Wil Wheaton, George R. R. Martin, Patton Oswalt and Andreas Mogensen have all pledged support to bring the show back.  So at the International Space Development Conference, Jeff Bezos made his announcement.

Jeff Bezos has a special interest in The Expanse and would love for that world to come true. Maybe without the war and threat to humanity. Since 2000 he has been working on his company Blue Origin to do exactly what happened in the show. Expand the human race into space.

THE EXPANSE -- "Safe" Episode 201

“This is going to be very tedious if you remain this dim”

The Expanse, which takes place hundreds of years in the future, set in a colonized solar system has gained a cult following in the few short years it’s been around. What started out as a crime drama in space, has slowly turned into a bigger universe. War, treason, and mystery help make the show the what it is. With the show saved, now we have a chance for humanity to be saved. So if you aren’t one of over 100,000 who saved the show, I recommend getting caught up before Amazon debuts season 4.


Are you excited for Amazon to pick up The Expanse? How many seasons do you think it will run on Amazon? Let us know in the comments.

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