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T-Mobile DIGITS Upgrades Phone Numbers

written by Jude Kasekamp December 7, 2016

Your phone has changed over time, but your old phone number hasn’t. With T-Mobile DIGITS, Magenta hopes to bring the phone number into the 21st century. Now, you aren’t just a phone number anymore. You are you.

Highlights from the video: “batshit crazy”, throwing shade on Sprint by calling them a budget carrier, and the translation of tech talk for millennials.

All Your Devices

DIGITS means your phone number works on all your devices simultaneously. If it has a data connection, your T-Mobile number will work on it. This includes laptops, tablets, and your spare phone gathering dust in the bottom of your drawer. Essentially, instead of relying on old voice and SMS technology, T-Mobile developed their own tech to handle calls and texts differently. They seem to be embracing the continuity and synchronicity of services like Google Voice and iMessage. With “carrier-grade quality”, this aims to be a more stable and reliable service that switches cell towers seamlessly, instead of botching WiFi hotspot handoffs. We will see how this will work with the upcoming universal RCS messaging protocol. We do know it is not compatible with iMessage now.

All Your Numbers

You can have multiple numbers on just one phone. Many people carry two or three phones, because they need one for personal use and one for work. I personally have 4 phone numbers, which I use daily. This can be very expensive, believe me. Now, all your phone numbers can follow you to whatever device you want to use. You don’t even need to find a dual-SIM phone anymore, nor are you limited to just two numbers per phone. They have worked with Samsung to integrate T-Mobile DIGITS into the phone dialer app, much like they did with video calling. If you don’t have a Samsung, download the DIGITS app on Google Play or the Apple App Store until it rolls out to other manufacturers.

screenshots of T-Mobile DIGITS on Samsung

T-Mobile DIGITS on Another Carrier

Your T-Mobile number can also work on your non-T-Mobile devices. This is especially important for business applications. Instead of a company buying a phone for each of their employees, they could just give them a T-Mobile number, and employees can call and text from the phones they already have. This should work, even if they have a Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint device.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but T-Mo says it will be “attainable”. Ultimately, the unCarrier is trying to brand itself as a startup from Silicon Valley, not an “evil” telecom or utility company. What do you think geeks? Is it working?

If you are a T-Mobile customer, sign up for the Beta.

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