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T-Mobile is Making Your Car Connected for “Free”

written by Jude Kasekamp November 7, 2016
T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE logo and press release

t-mobile the un-carrier stage backgroundT-Mobile, the “Un-Carrier”, continues to expand their services. With the boisterous John Legere at the helm, the wireless carrier has rebranded itself as a disrupter, along the lines of the hot startups of Silicon Valley. They continue to build on their clever data compression, give away trips to Mars, and host press conferences riddled with four letter words. T-Mobile has now announced that you can turn virtually any vehicle into a connected car – for “free”. Here comes T-Mobile SyncUp DRIVE.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE logo and press release

Smart OBD-II dongles have been around for a little while now. They can allow your insurance company to keep track of your driving habits, or give you diagnostic information right on your smartphone. T-Mobile’s SyncUp DRIVE will give users an in-depth look into their car’s performance, as well as provide a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot on the go. Pull up the app, and you will be able to see diagnostic info, analyze wear and tear, and track down wayward family members. Also, trips with kids and friends who have data limits become easier, because they can tap into the hotspot that you’re paying for. Hopefully, they appreciate your generosity.

So, how can they offer this $150 dongle for free? Just agree to pay for at least 2 GB of data for 24 months, and get the complimentary smart device. Not a bad deal, if you are cool with paying $20 every month for 2 years. Cancel the data line, and you owe the remaining balance for the device.

T-Mobile’s coverage map has improved significantly over the past couple of years. This makes a device like this an attractive proposition. Just a short while back, T-Mobile covered a fraction of Verizon subscribers. No one seriously considered getting a hotspot through them.

What do you geeks think? Are you interested in seeing the inner working of your car on your smartphone screen, or do you care about having a 4G hotspot everywhere you go?

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