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Taco Belle Cosplay Is Both Punny and Beautiful

written by ItsKaraCake July 30, 2015

What do Taco Bell, cosplay, and the underappreciated art of a good pun all have in common?

This amazing Taco Belle dress, that’s what.

Designed and modeled by Olivia Mears of Avant-Geek, this dress perfectly embodies the elegance of Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and the guilt inducing yet oh-so-satisfying flavor of 99 cent tacos.

Surprisingly, this is not Mears’ first foray into taco fashion. Her first Taco Bell inspired dress was made from 200+ unused taco wrappers and cleaned sauce packets, and won her a first prize in Taco Bell’s Live Mas contest. You may have even seen her featured in a recent Taco Bell Sriracha Quesarito commercial.

Mears, who has also been featured on Good Morning America and at Western Carolina University’s Fine Arts Museum, creates a variety of fashion – from traditional cosplay, to Hollywood glam gowns, to dresses made out of toilet paper – each more interesting and gorgeous than the last.

To check out more of Avant-Geek’s work, find her on Facebook and on Instagram.

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