Friday , 12 February 2016

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Fear the Walking Dead Premiere -DHTG Review


Ever wonder what happened before the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead? Fear the Walking Dead is there to give you a glimpse as it focuses on people in Los Angeles just going about their normal life with nothing but personal issues, and some mysterious infection spreading, to worry about. This episode mostly focused on the members of one family. ...

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TWD Hangover: The One Where Rick Showers


  Here’s a recap of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Remember.” The group is trying to make sense of Alexandria. They must first “interview” with Deanna, Alexandria’s leader. I’m glad this was different from the comic. More women lead characters are always welcome.   The group is skeptical. They must forfeit their weapons and feel uneasy. They decide ...

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TWD Hangover: Daryl + Carol 4 Eva


A Carol episode? A Daryl episode? No. We had both. I would be perfectly fine if the rest of the season was only Carol and Daryl (Or, Caryl as social media is affectionately calling them and I will refer to them as such). Here’s a brief recap of what happened: Caryl are on the search for Beth. Carol reveals she ...

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