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Being great at your job, meeting deadlines and set targets are usually the result of a combination of things. You have to be productive, driven, have the right knowledge and make use of a number of effective and essential tools. Getting the right tools is critical and an often mean the difference between you getting more done on time and not meeting your targets. The following tools can help with just that.

Financial Management Tools

All businesses no matter how small or big require the use of financial management software. Even when you have a team of accountants, the software will help you do an excellent job of getting your income and expenditures sorted out.

Whatever software you decide on – and there are many out there such Quicken, Microsoft Money, Expensr, Gnu Cash and Yodlee MoneyCenter – it should be able to monitor your expenses, payroll and inventory purchases. It should also be able to help you track your sales, leads, prospects, receivables, and so on.

Some people however prefer using spreadsheets. However, if you run a large firm, you might need a customized financial management application specific to your company’s needs.

Collaboration Apps and Software

Nowadays, you do not even have to be physically present to get a ton of work done. In the past, getting work done meant going to the office and tackling that pile of papers. Nowadays, there’s still the paper tackling part, but it is not as stationary as it once was.

There’s more ease and flexibility, thanks to the abundance of online collaboration platforms and apps like Basecamp, Trello, Google Drive, AffinityLIve, Box, DeskAway, Huddle, RedBooth and Google Apps. With these, you can tackle business while on the go.

Stuck in an airport for 3 hours and looking to get some work done? All you have to do is find an internet connection, log on and do some work while waiting. This ability to work remotely has a tremendous impact on your workplace productivity and efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

Where would your business be without its clientele and customers? All businesses are dependent on these two groups of people. Treat them well you will be in business for many years. Treat them poorly, and chances are they’ll take their business elsewhere before you blink.

While there are many ways to go about managing your relationship with your clients, an extremely effective way is through the use of the Customer Relationship Management Software. Not just that, it helps you collect and mine the data that you already have to attract even more business from them.

The data collected via software can give you an idea of your premium clients, the best marketing advertising channels and techniques, and what you can do to enhance your business relationship with your clients and customers.

As a result of these therefore, you’re more likely to generate even more sales, and create rapid engagement and rapport with leads and prospects. The net result is faster sales, an increase in your conversion rates whilst retaining your customers and lowering your marketing and ad spend. Some good examples of CRM software include SalesForce, NetSuite, InfusionSoft and OnContact.

Cloud Computing and Online Faxing

Getting your messages and important documents across to the recipient is crucial to your business success. Having an online faxing system can help you do this faster. An online faxing system for instance, is always better than the clunky old fax machine you have in the office.

Not only will you be able to send and receive faxes on the go you can actually be sure that your faxes will be private and only seen by those you want to see it. It’s also easy to shop for an online fax service with companies like FindAFax providing online comparisons.

This is great if you deal with much confidential information as you do not need to overnight any files or documents anymore. The fact that all this is done online, combined with the infinite powers of cloud computing, can help eliminate the need to store data offline.


The writer, Oscar King, keeps himself up to date on the comings and goings of the tech industry, and looks for the best applications to help improve business efficiency and maximize productivity in the workplace. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can head over to his profile on Google+.