Wednesday , 4 May 2016

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Apple Declining in Revenue for the First Time in 13 Years

Apple Headquarters

Apple has officially released their second quarter earnings results for 2016 and for the first time in 13 years they are showing a decline in their year over year revenue. The results have Wall Street a little concerned. March 26th marked the end of the second quarter for the corporate giants and they show a revenue of $50.6 billion compared to ...

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Signs Your Business Needs ERP Software


Every small business owner dreams of consistent growth and profits. However, every growth phase has its unique and challenging problems. For many, however, the growth problems are largely about poor synchronization between the multiple units and departments. For instance, most growing companies often have issues reconciling their finances at the month’s end. This often comes down to being unaware of ...

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4 Best tools for Improving Business Efficiency


Being great at your job, meeting deadlines and set targets are usually the result of a combination of things. You have to be productive, driven, have the right knowledge and make use of a number of effective and essential tools. Getting the right tools is critical and an often mean the difference between you getting more done on time and ...

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