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IMage from Advanced Warfare

Were you one of the throngs of people who bought Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PS4? Were you amped to use Share Play and let a buddy watch or maybe take over for a bit? Tough luck as Activision has blocked that feature.

Reports have been coming in that PS4 owners have had the whole Share Play experience censored when hooking up with a friend. Even Call of Duty: Ghosts when checked has the feature blocked.

Not familiar with Share Play? It’s a feature Sony was big on that allows a single game to be shared among two friends. The owner or the host would play the game and let the guest watch or if desired, take over for a while. The whole experience is limited to a run of sixty minutes but could be picked up immediately with no cooling down period. So cheap gamers could piggy back off a buddy for the whole game if they wanted.

When Sony announced the availability of Share Play, they made it clear that the feature would work across all PS4 games. The only caveat to this would be if the game required an additional peripheral. An option for publishers and developers to censor was mentioned, it seems most took it as a way for spoilers to be avoided. This censoring is what Activision is using to block Share Play.

Sony, when pressed, stated that Share play is available across all PS4 games, is a function of the update numbered 2.0 but developers can disable it at will. They claim it can be best used for the “consumer experience”. A far cry from saying that everyone was on board last month.

How has this impacted you geeks? Have you tried using Share Play for Advanced Warfare? Do you not give a damn? Let us know in the comments!

Image from Call of Duty

On the fence about buying the latest Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, because you want it on next gen but you’re stuck with a Xbox 360 or PS3? Well just like Destiny before it, AW will allow users to purchase the game digitally and get the upgraded version for free. We’re not talking a demo or restricted version, we’re talking full fledged upgrade here.

Some things to keep in mind: you must purchase the game digitally on the console you plan on upgrading. You can’t run out and buy a hard copy of the game for 360 and get the PS4 version for free. Your Gamertag or PSN ID must stay the same between purchases and this expires by March 31, 2015. Some good things are that all multiplayer stats will transfer and all DLC purchased will also transfer, that includes the Season Pass. This also includes digital pre-orders for the Xbox 360.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare drops for the PS4, PS3, and Xbox One worldwide November 4, unless you’ve pre-ordered the Day Zero edition at which time you can start playing a day earlier.