Tuesday , 3 May 2016

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Final Fantasy’s Cloud To Join Super Smash Bros!


Don’t take our word for it, check out the video below!  But with all the obsession with Amiibo’s, you bet your bottom that combined with the adoration and love for Final Fantasy (especially Cloud) that these figurines will be flying off the shelves with record speed.  Here’s hoping Nintendo knows and prepares for that.

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Ever Wanted to Harness the Power of a Storm?


Ever laid out at night watching a storm in the distance? I have and it is beautiful, unfortunately it is not something you get to see in the city too often. The flashing lights, the distant sound of thunder, it’s spectacular. Now you can bring that effect into your living room with the ‘Cloud‘ and feel like Thor himself as ...

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4 Best tools for Improving Business Efficiency


Being great at your job, meeting deadlines and set targets are usually the result of a combination of things. You have to be productive, driven, have the right knowledge and make use of a number of effective and essential tools. Getting the right tools is critical and an often mean the difference between you getting more done on time and ...

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Amazon Prime Members! Enjoy Unlimited Storage for Your Photos


That’s right Prime members!  Amazon has added yet another perk to having Amazon Prime — unlimited photo storage.  Amazon Prime is a service used to provide customers two day shipping for a subscription fee.  Amazon Prime also includes:  Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, Prime Pantry, Prime Early Access, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Kindle First, and Membership Sharing.  You can check out ...

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4 Reasons to use the Cloud in your Contact Centers


4 Reasons to Use the Cloud in Your Contact Center Does your contact center use the cloud? Probably – today, most contact centers do! Since it’s becoming the norm, you may have forgotten the reasons why the cloud is the best contact center option. 1. The cloud is affordable, primarily because there are no limits. As your contact center grows, ...

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