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DiDio on DC Comics: No… More… Reboots?


00 Dan DiDio is making change-related news for DC Comics once again, though not in the usual way this time around. DiDio, joined by Jim Lee, recently sat down with Comic Book Resources to talk about the anticipated Dark Knight III: The Master Race and other upcoming new series and returns for DC Comics (12 new Vertigo series, and the return ...

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Batgirl Annual #3 hands on review


00Publisher: DC Comics While this is the third Batgirl Annual since DC rebooted with the New 52 this is the first by the regular series writers Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher. In issue #35 of the ongoing Batgirl title these two writers, along with their regular artist, Babs Tarr, reinvented the visual and storytelling style of Batgirl. The book gained ...

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The books to watch in the All-New, All-Different Marvel universe


00 Currently the Marvel universe as we know it does not exist. There has been an incursion, and all alternate Earths, including the Marvel and Ultimate Marvel universes have been destroyed. All that remains is Secret Wars, set on Battle World, a patchwork planet made up of the various alternate realities that exist in the Marvel canon. The Marvel universe ...

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DC Comics: Bombshells #1 Review

Cover art

00  The latest title in DC Comic’s digital first line is based on their Bombshell Collectible series. DC Bombshell’s is a line of statues that re-imagines classic DC heroines in a retro 1940’s style. These revisions to characters like Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Harley Quinn are imaginative and detailed designs. In August the Bombshells will feature on variant covers ...

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Cinematic Fantastic Four and X-Men – Possible Crossover!


00Though Marvel has boasted a well-connected (and ever-expanding) ever since 2008’s Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, there has always been a few holes in the stories we knew to expect. Licensing is a tricky and complicated thing, especially when it comes to entertainment properties as wide as Marvel’s. Not that it was always a bad thing. ...

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“The Flash” Season 2 Costume Revealed


00 Looks like CW is trying for some extra summer-hype in anticipation of their latest hit-show, The Flash. Revealed for the world to see, they’re showing off The Flash costume they’ll be going with next season. There seems to be a lot buzz about the costume change, though the only real change is the addition of the white background behind ...

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A DEADPOOL Coloring Book?!


00So recently there has a been a surge in the popularity of “adult coloring”  or rather “therapeutic coloring”.  Research has proven that coloring can reduce stress, increase mood, and over all raise the quality of your life.  Most of these coloring books feature things like mandalas, landscapes, animals, and whimsical fantasy settings.  Usually with great detail. Well, it seems as ...

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Wytches Vol. 1 Review


00 Pledged is Pledged. Horror is all about fear, but there are certain pieces of horror fiction that center itself around a specific fear that is channeled through the story and the characters. In the case of Scott Snyder and Jock’s creator owned Image Comics series, Wytches, it’s all about the fears of being a parent and of our own ...

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Get your gaming fix with Marvel Jackpot slots, bub!


00 I’m not much of a gambler but one thing that always makes me spend money is slot machines. I’m horrible at games of skill but games of luck? Yeah, I’ll throw down a dollar or ten. That’s why I’m glad that I found a slots website that lets me combine my geeky side with my slots addiction. Over at ...

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