Sunday , 19 February 2017

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The CW Seed Resurrects Constantine as an Animated Series

Constantine on NBC was an absolutely perfect adaptation of hugely beloved fan-favorite character, John Constantine and the dark and crazy world he inhabits. It really got the meat and bones of the character in understanding who he really is and how his sorcery works, but more importantly, it was Matt Ryan’s performance that made it feel like John walked out …

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Justice League Dark: DC Releases Official Trailer for the Animated Film

Constantine with the Justice League Dark

The Justice League Dark live-action film may or may not still be happening, but that hasn’t stopped DC from pushing the paranormal crime fighters into the limelight. DC has officially released a trailer for the R-Rated Justice League Dark animated film that’s slated to release sometime in early 2017.   DC seems content on continuing their trend of releasing darker, …

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Justice League Dark Revealed as Next DC Comics Animated Film

We won’t have to wait long until we know what the next DC Comics original animated movie will be. The British Board of Film Classification revealed that one of the bonus features for the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of Batman: The Killing Joke is a “Sneak Peak at Justice League Dark.” To get everyone up to speed, Justice League …

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‘Powerless’ is coming to TV thanks to NBC

NBC is now officially rejoining the superhero TV game by ordering Powerless to its fall schedule. NBC is going full steam ahead after ordering a pilot for the half-hour workplace sitcom that takes place within the DC Universe at an insurance company that deals with the aftermath damage of superhero and villain fights for those without powers. The series will be focused on the employees as …

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Flipping Through the Pages: December 2015: Week Two

Hope you’re staying warm and toasty as we get ready to talk a lot more about comics. These books and all the other releases of this week are available at your local comic book shops, which can be found at Comic Shop Locator, and digitally at Comixology. Gwenpool Special #1 Its Christmas time and Gwenpool wants to spread her holiday …

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Flipping Through the Pages: September 2015: Week Three

Grab your favorite warm beverage and come along for some more comic book reviews. These books and all the other releases of this week are available at your local comic book shops, which can be found at Comic Shop Locator, and digitally at Comixology. Tokyo Ghost #1 Well another week another Rick Remender book. Seriously when does the man sleep? …

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Constantine is Back

So, I guess I was premature in writing the article about Constantine being over. Our beloved leader of the trenchcoat Brigade is set to return this fall in the fifth episode titled “Haunted”. Constantine is back, leaving behind his old network for the CW. I’m hoping he gets his own show much like Flash, and seeing as how die-hard many of …

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Looking Back At Constantine

Thirteen, the unlucky number; A number of all things mysterious, deadly, and magical. The number of episodes in the series Constantine, and sadly probably forever. The series began last October and ended this February, never getting the extension past thirteen episodes. I’ve watched and read with a heavy heart as Matt Ryan, the actor who played Constantine, and many others …

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