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Paul Dini Writing Backup Story for Current Harley Quinn Comic

Harley Quinn is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters out there. Even before a single picture or trailer for Suicide Squad came out, she was already an iconic figure ever since debuting on Batman: The Animated Series then transitioning into official DC Comics canon. It’s fascinating how quickly she took off. One of the reasons for that is co-creator …

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Rumor: Wonder Woman Villain Has Been Revealed!

Wonder Woman vs. The God of War? There has been a report from “Studio Ciné Live” that was translated by Les Toiles Héroïques that Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman will be taking on Ares, the God of War in her upcoming solo film. This is the first I’m hearing of this report so it should be taken strictly as a rumor for the …

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Villain for the Supergirl & Flash Musical Crossover is Revealed!

Supergirl and Flash

The Music Meister is joining Supergirl and Flash! Fans of Supergirl and The Flash are one of two things. You’re either really excited over the announced 2-part musical crossover between the two shows, or you aren’t. I’m honestly not sure which group I fall into, we know that Grant Gustin has some serious singing chops, and I trust the runners …

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Black Flash is Returning to the Arrowverse on Multiple Shows!

Black Flash

Black Flash is coming… The last time we saw Zoom he was being hauled off by Time Wraiths on CW’s hit show The Flash. That won’t be the last time we see Hunter Zolomon, though. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, we can expect Zoom to return as the Black Flash on multiple shows within CW’s Arrowverse. Kreisberg: “I will say that …

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First TV Spot for Powerless Shows Us Who the True Heroes Are

Debuting just under a month from now, we get to see a little more of NBC’s DC Universe set sitcom, Powerless via its first commercial. Take a peek for yourself down below! What’s significant about this TV ad here is that its the first footage we’ve seen since it was announced that the central place of business for the series …

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Michael Keaton Comes Clean on Why He Left Batman

Keaton’s reason for leaving Batman is pretty simple… In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Michael Keaton explained why he left the Batman franchise that helped boost his career. After reading the script for the third movie (this was the first film Tim Burton didn’t direct. Instead, director Joel Shumacher took the helm) Keaton had a pretty simple …

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The Batman Doesn’t Seem Like a Sure Thing According to Affleck

Ben Affleck has truly made himself one of the biggest names in Hollywood again after a stumbling period. Both in front and behind the camera, he’s enjoyed some great success and whatever project he’s attached to regardless of role will certainly get some notice. But undoubtedly he doesn’t just put himself on to something or even make a project of …

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Aquaman Stunt Team Is Prepping for Water Scenes


On the set of Aquaman: We’ve already seen news that pre-production has begun on DC’s Aquaman. Now it seems that the stunt performers are prepping for the film’s more grueling scenes, both by land and by sea. Keir Beck, the stunt coordinator for Aquaman, had this to say in an interview with 9news: “General stunt skills, fighting, y’know if there …

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The Top 10 Best Comic Books of 2016 from Panel to Panel

2016 overall, not really the best year, but not everything sucked really. For instance this year gave us some pretty amazing things in the world of comics and if I really had to think about it, these ten books are the best examples of just how good the year was for the comics industry. Here we go, the top ten …

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The latest DC Character coming to The CW is…George Lucas?!

The DC Comics shows on The CW have really been a blast for fans since part of its appeal are characters that might not get a shot on the big screen get to shine on television. Characters like Ragman, Stargirl, Parasite, Firestorm, and Vixen have been given a great chance in the Arrowverse and now another classic DC character shall …

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