Friday , 24 February 2017

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Zack Snyder Created a BvS/Star Wars Mash-Up Trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition - Trailer

Zack Snyder Presents: Dark Side Knight vs. Super Jedi Justice League 2 may be getting pushed back by Ben Affleck’s The Batman, but that hasn’t stopped Justice League director Zack Snyder from having a bit of fun. He’s created one of the most epic fan trailers of all time. As seen below, we see a Sith Batman versus a Jedi Superman, …

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A New Character to Enter the DC TV Universe

Looks like there might yet another new addition to the DC TV Universe. Vixen was revealed at the TV Critics Press Tour via handouts. This new animated series is a six-part origin story that is will debut in the fall and be in the same universe as Arrow and Flash. It is expected to be available on The CW’s streaming …

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In A Crisis, Never Forget A Classic

When you think of great comics certain notions almost inherently come to mind, some of these notions may be grandiose. Universe changing, larger than life, re-shaping the familiar shine now dulled in the shadows of a new greater evil. One might see the peculiar side of the good they’ve come to know. Marv Wolfman and George Perez created a masterpiece …

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Recommended Comic Book Reading: Harley Quinn – Part 1 of 3

  Don’t Hate The Geeks comes back at you once again with this weeks recommended comic book reading. We are tickled to death to bring to you the Queen jester of laughs: Harley Quinn   Harley Quinn has grown from an original animated cartoon creation by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm to make a silly little slapstick sidekick for The Joker. Now Harley is one of …

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Jared Leto as Joker Is Just a Rumor…….Or Is It?!

  The RUMORS running rampent around the inteweb is that Jared Leto,  the Oscar winning actor for Dallas Buyers Club,  is being attached to the New Suicide Squad movie as the Joker. the flick also has other big names such as Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie attached, all are RUMORED to be in talks with DC Studios. Also …

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Jason Momoa of Game Of Thrones Confirms Role as Aquaman

Having roles in Game Of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, and Stargate: Atlantis (just to name a few), Jason Momoa has now confirmed he will star in a new role in the DC Universe as Aquaman.  Warner Bros. recently announced 10 DC comic movies which will keep them busy for the next few years. Over the weekend, Momoa was asked at Walker …

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