Tuesday , 27 September 2016

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Ben Affleck’s Batman finds its Deathstroke in Joe Manganiello


While Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film is a long ways away, there is already someone waiting to take on the Dark Knight of the DC Extended Universe. Affleck posted some cryptic test footage last week of someone in the Deathstroke costume from the London set of the Justice League, which many took to mean that the assassin also known as Slade Wilson would …

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Fantastic Four Screenwriter Reveals Original Film Plans


20th Century Fox’s latest adaptation of the Fantastic Four from last year was a failure across the board from critical and audience response, its poor box office performance, and of course all the much talked about production troubles and behind the scenes drama. Fans were still left glamouring for a definitive film version of Marvel’s first family, but according to …

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“Mothra” Gets the Rifftrax Treatment in Select Theaters

Rifftrax Mothra

The witty men behind Rifftrax, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett are coming back to theaters for a live riffing of 1961’s “Mothra.” The Kaijū will be subject to the mercies of the three veteran Riffers who will take on the classic film live in Nashville, Tennessee on August 18th. Don’t fret if you live somewhere other than “The Volunteer State,” …

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Suicide Squad: Fan Threatens to Sue WB/DC Over “False Advertising”

SuicideSquad wbdc

Suicide Squad, a movie that has only served to increase the ever growing divide between critic and fan, may have a lawsuit on its hands. The movie has already seen its fair share of bickering, but this latest development takes it a step further than even the petition to have Rotten Tomatoes removed from the internet. One reddit user by the …

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Man of Steel Sequel in Active Development at Warner Bros.

HENRY CAVILL as Superman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ action adventure “MAN OF STEEL,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Man of Steel was released back in 2013 and was the start of DC Comics’ film universe, known as the DC Extended Universe. Man of Steel grossed $668 million worldwide and a semi-sequel would come out earlier this year that finally gave moviegoers the superhero battle they been waiting to see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Ben Affleck as Batman joining Henry Cavill’s Superman. …

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Ubisoft’s “The Division” Movie Casts Its First Two Stars.


It was once a rumor, but now we have proof. “The Division,” a game about cleaning up New York after a massive epidemic wipes out most of the population, is the latest Ubisoft franchise to receive the green light for the silver screen. While no story information has been released, Ubisoft have revealed two major headliners. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain …

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Featurette (Video)

RougeOne Title

The video, celebrating the wrap up of the latest story in the Star Wars Saga, shows us how different this iteration of galaxy far, far away is. Director Gareth Edwards reasons on why making this Star Wars different is important is full of obvious passion. It almost sounds like a direct commentary on how many percieved Abrams’  “The Force Awakens.” Regardless, …

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Chris Pratt Wraps on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

gaurdiansofthegalaxy title

Yesterday acclaimed director James Gunn officially finished shooting scenes involving Pratt’s character Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In the short video Pratt and Gunn thank the crew for making a 90 day shoot go so smoothly by being on time and under budget, a feat Chris Pratt notes is rare and almost unheard of. They …

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Batman: The Killing Joke to Play in Theaters for One Night


Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ line of original animated films released on the home and digital video market with have proven very successful for them ever since the release of Superman: Doomsday back in 2007. Whether they are based on a well-known storyline/book or a wholly original story, fans haven’t gotten enough of them. The latest release this summer will be the …

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