Monday , 23 January 2017

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Terminator Returns to James Cameron, Tim Miller to Direct New Film

Well Terminator fans, I think your fortune is about to turn around! James Cameron will officially have the full rights to the Terminator franchise revert back to him in 2019 and he is already overseeing a brand new film and is looking at VFX artist and Deadpool director Tim Miller is in talks right now to direct the film which …

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Dwayne Johnson Will Now Star in His Own Black Adam Movie and Shazam!

SHAZAM! Two new movies have been created! A new chapter has been written in the saga of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the villain Black Adam in a feature film of the former Captain Marvel, Shazam. Originally slated to play the character in a Shazam movie that would be featured in the DC Extended Universe, Shazam! will now become two …

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Avengers: Infinity War and Sequel Brings On Karen Gillan as Nebula

The siblings that try to kill each other are the closet! Its been confirmed by Karen Gillan herself that we will see more of Nebula in the near future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While discussing her upcoming feature-length film directorial debut, Tupperware Party on BBC News, she spoke about her role as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. We …

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Green Lantern Corps to be Co-Written and Produced by David Goyer

The light for Green Lantern on film shall shine brighter than before with its latest announcement. It has been reported that David Goyer will now be producing the future installment to the DC Extended Universe, Green Lantern Corps, as well as co-write the film with Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers, Grassroots). Their approach for the film is being described as Lethal …

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Marvel Eyeing Peter Dinklage For Avengers: Infinity War Role

It really does feel like EVERYONE is going to be in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, not just those who have already been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like I have a strong feeling my mom could somehow be in it or even my favorite college professor. Maybe even your pet, dear reader in going to be in …

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The Batman Doesn’t Seem Like a Sure Thing According to Affleck

Ben Affleck has truly made himself one of the biggest names in Hollywood again after a stumbling period. Both in front and behind the camera, he’s enjoyed some great success and whatever project he’s attached to regardless of role will certainly get some notice. But undoubtedly he doesn’t just put himself on to something or even make a project of …

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Keira Knightley Reportedly Back for Pirates of the Caribbean 5

When it was announced Orlando Bloom was returning for Dead Men Tell No Tales, the upcoming fifth film in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series, most certainly the next thought on the minds of fans were if Keira Knightley would return. Playing Will Turner’s bride, Elizabeth, she was a key figure in the first three films from being the adventurous …

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My Top 10 Movies of 2016

Top 10 Movies of 2016

Warning! This is not a cinematic safe space! Many of you will disagree vehemently (that means ‘bunches’) with my picks for this years ten best movies. In my opinion, a movie should be entertaining and fun, but tell an emotional story as well. It’s great to have sweeping locations, expensive visual effects, and top shelf talent – all of which …

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Han Solo Standalone Film to Begin Filming in February 2017

Pretty much nearly everyone remembers Han Solo from the moment he first appeared in the original Star Wars film and he’s hard to forget. His attitude, the braggart confidence, that smile from Harrison Ford, and of course, the Millennium Falcon all made Solo instantly memorable. Well we will get plenty more of Han Solo soon since his standalone film in …

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Full of Hope (Review)

Rogue One

Star Wars fever is back, just a year after Episode VII. Where does Rogue One: A Star Wars Story¬†fit into the universe? Also, how does it¬†stand up to the main films? No spoilers here, so let’s get into it. Rogue One is Different Rogue One is not the epic that the other Star Wars films can claim to be. This …

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