Monday , 20 February 2017

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Bad News: Flash Movie is Getting A ‘Page-One Rewrite’

The Flash

Bad news Flash fans, the script they were using was garbage DC Comics fans almost everywhere have been most excited to finally see the Scarlet Speedster on the big screen. Well, I have bad news guys. According to a report from Variety, the script for the Flash movie was so bad that they’re bringing in Jody Harold to rewrite the …

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Villain for the Supergirl & Flash Musical Crossover is Revealed!

Supergirl and Flash

The Music Meister is joining Supergirl and Flash! Fans of Supergirl and The Flash are one of two things. You’re either really excited over the announced 2-part musical crossover between the two shows, or you aren’t. I’m honestly not sure which group I fall into, we know that Grant Gustin has some serious singing chops, and I trust the runners …

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Black Flash is Returning to the Arrowverse on Multiple Shows!

Black Flash

Black Flash is coming… The last time we saw Zoom he was being hauled off by Time Wraiths on CW’s hit show The Flash. That won’t be the last time we see Hunter Zolomon, though. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, we can expect Zoom to return as the Black Flash on multiple shows within CW’s Arrowverse. Kreisberg: “I will say that …

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The Justice League Stands Together in this New Image

The Justice League Cast

The Justice League Stands Together All aboard the hype train! 2017 is going to be all about Wonder Woman and Justice League: Part 1 for DC Comics and Warner Brothers. What you see above is a new image they’ve released as a part of USA Today’s film previews of 2017. It features 5 of the 6 members of the Justice …

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Kevin Smith is Directing a ‘Batman’ Episode of ‘The Goldbergs’

Kevin Smith is bringing Michael Keaton’s Batman to The Goldbergs Michael Keaton recently let us all know how he feels about the Joel Schumacher Batman films. That doesn’t mean that the two Batman films he starred in, 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns aren’t still globally adored. One of the most famous fans of the Keaton Bat-flicks is director/writer/comedian/actor Kevin …

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Check Out This New Image From The Justice League Film!

The Cast of Justice League

The Justice League is coming! We were promised that new Justice League would be getting more promotion this month. Well readers, our wishes have come true. Zack Snyder has released an image of Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman from the upcoming film, Justice League: Part 1 in an article from Entertainment Weekly. Things seem to be going well with …

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Green Lantern joins the Justice League once more!

justice league flash, superman, cyborg, wonder woman, batman, aquaman

Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie is set to release November 17th, 2017 and has been at the pinnacle of all the comic book conversations. So far all the footage and trailers that have been teased have featured most of the key members; Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. However, all the news surrounding Justice League has unfortunately been …

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Heroes Vs. Aliens! The 4-Part CW Crossover Event’s First Promo

CW Crossover Event Poster

A promo for the first episode of CW’s latest, largest DC Extended Universe crossover event debuted this week! Starting with the CW’s latest acquisition in its “Arrowverse” franchise, Supergirl. The crossover is set to air Monday, November 28th. The event will continue for the remainder of the week, taking up the 8/7 Central time slot through Thursday night. Titled Invasion, or Heroes Vs. Aliens, the event revolves …

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Holy Crossover Batman! DC’s Magnificent Invasion

Picture of all of the DC show characters

Listen up you nerds, because I have something that will pull you out of all of the election drama and will brighten all of your days to come. I am sure that you have heard whispers of this glorious event over the past few weeks, but I am here to officially announce… A THREE EPISODE CROSSOVER BETWEEN OUR FAVORITE DC …

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Flash movie loses director for the second time

The hits just keep on coming for Warner Bros. and the DCEU. Shortly after pre-production started, The Flash movie lost another director. Rick Famuyiwa has left the DC flick due to irreconcilable…er…creative differences. This is the second director to leave the project. Earlier this year, Seth Grahame-Smith left the director’s chair due to creative differences as well, although DC is …

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