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KRYPTON_612x380Thanks to the popularity of the Fox Batman prequel, Gotham, DC has gone ahead with plans for their next prequel series. It has now been confirmed that David S. Goyer is developing a new SyFy series called Krypton, a Superman prequel.

This new series is set on Superman’s home planet Krypton before he was born. It will center around the house of El before they were shamed. The series will follow the grandfather of Kal-El, and father of Jor-El as he tries to bring order to a planet of chaos and create a planet worthy of heroes.

They haven’t listed the character’s name, but as far as I know, the father of Jor-El would be Seyg-El. He was the leader of the Kryptonian Science Council and made his first comic appearance in World of Krypton (Volume 2) #3 in 1988, he has only made a limited amount of comic appearances.

Seyg-El, Father of Jor-El, Grandfather of Superman and Supergirl

Seyg-El, Father of Jor-El, Grandfather of Superman and Supergirl

The script will be written by veteran writer Ian Goldberg, who has penned Once Upon a Time, and Criminal Minds. Goyer is also known for his previous work on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Flash Forward. He will also he be an executive producer with David Goyer.

This is the eighth DC series that we know of. There are currently plans underway for Supergirl, Titans, and iZombie. While the ones already airing are Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and the up-in-the -air Constantine.

So far there has no further word on casting.