Saturday , 25 February 2017

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Memes of the Star Wars Prequels Take Reddit by Storm(trooper)

The one-month old Reddit community PrequelMemes has quickly won over the hearts of Star Wars fans for its very meta takes on internet culture and of course the Star Wars references. If you thought Anakin’s sand speech in Attack of the Clones was cringeworthy, you’ll get over it when you see how fans transformed the lambasted dialogue of Episodes I-III into comedy gold. …

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Razer Immediately Deletes Controversial Tweet

Razer Blade Pro with Black Background

In the tech world, it can get very competitive. So competitive that gigantic corporations and smaller underdogs alike try to outdo each other by not only pushing the limits of technology, but trying to outdo each other with marketing as well. Razer took to social media to promote their new Razer Blade Pro, while taking a jab at Apple’s Macbook …

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Galaxy Note 7 is Still a Fiery Punchline for Southwest!

Note 7 on fire

Oh poor, poor Samsung. The hits keep coming, don’t they? Not only did their new flagship Galaxy Note 7 catch fire at inconvenient times, but the replacement phones did, too. The massive recall and subsequent discontinuation cost the tech giant billions of dollars in sales. We at Don’t Hate the Geek will continue to comment on this still developing story. One of …

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Star Wars Dog Sounds Like Tie Fighter. Watch Now!

tie fighter on black background

We finally know how George Lucas really made that iconic Tie Fighter scream in the Star Wars films. It was Geraldine all along! This adorable dog sounds like the legendary instrument of the Empire as she greets her owners. If this doesn’t make your day, check your pulse! I bet that Geraldine would make any Rebel scum duck for cover! Can you …

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Luke Cage Alternate Titles Will Instantly Brighten Your Day (VIDEO)

Luke Cage Sitcom Titles

If you have a pulse, you are probably aware of and/or have binge-watched Marvel’s Luke Cage series on Netflix. If you also grew up in the 80s-to-early-90s, you may have fond memories of the classic ABC sitcom Family Matters. That’s about all the qualifications you need to get a big smile out of this: Big thanks to YouTuber Zach Ace for …

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“Mothra” Gets the Rifftrax Treatment in Select Theaters

The witty men behind Rifftrax, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett are coming back to theaters for a live riffing of 1961’s “Mothra.” The Kaijū will be subject to the mercies of the three veteran Riffers who will take on the classic film live in Nashville, Tennessee on August 18th. Don’t fret if you live somewhere other than “The Volunteer State,” …

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