Sunday , 19 February 2017

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Top Tech of 2016 from Don’t Hate the Geek!

2016 is over, so it’s time to wrap up the top tech of the year! In a year that definitely had its ups and downs, we got some of the best devices we could have asked for. Without further adieu, these are the picks of cool and innovative stuff you should be spending your money on. Armastis’ Top Tech: Samsung Galaxy …

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iPhone 7 International GIVEAWAY FTW!!!

It’s time for another awesome giveaway with DHTG. Yes we have a matte black iPhone 7 unlocked for one of you lucky geeks out there! Easy as always hit the links below get as many entries as you can and boom!!! Random winner will be picked Christmas Eve, December 24th at midnight! Get entered and be sure and share! Good …

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  It’s that time of the year again where Apple geeks lose their minds and break all ordering records over the new iPhone. DHTG has some good news for you geeks. We have teamed up with our favorite tech store NFM once again to bring you the best giveaways! NFM has sent us out a new matte black iPhone 7 …

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Ricoh Theta S 360° Camera REVIEW

Theta S

By now we all have seen at least one or two 360° videos on Facebook or YouTube. I know when looking at my first one I was not really sure what I was supposed to be doing. As I got the hang of moving around the video with my mouse (I think it was checking out a F16 cockpit while …

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Geek Review: Coocheer Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Many of you long time readers know that I’m quite the ear bud fanatic. I’ve tested a metric butt load (official unit of measurement) but the one thing I’ve never dabbled in until now was Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to our fine friends at Coocheer, I got to break into the field.   The Coocheer CH-080 I was sent is a …

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iPhone users should get down with SanDisk’s iXpand case.

It's the iXpand case

Did you think you would never run out of the space in your iPhone? Did a well meaning loved one buy you a 16GB model? Instead of deleting pictures of your cats, it might be time to look into SanDisk and their iXpand line of cases. The iXpand cases offer up protection but what they’re really here for is to …

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iClever chargers are Amazon’s deal of the day!

It's a charger

Remember when we got our hands on a handful of wonderful chargers from iClever? No? Shame on you. To bring you up to speed, they were were pretty, charged at a good speed and most of them were reasonably priced through Amazon as is. Their 3.0 charger sped through a charge so fast, I got whiplash. It turns out a …

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No key…no problem! Noke Smart lock REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

One technology that has not really changed very much over time is the padlock. When looking at pictures from 1950 compared to padlocks now you will notice only slight variations, but security for our homes, cars and even for our personal bodies have changed significantly. Then came Noke. We got our hands on a few of their smart padlocks to …

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