Saturday , 3 December 2016

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Capcom Announces Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite (Trailer)

Marvel Vs. Capcom Ryu Marvel

Today at the PlayStation Experience, one of many announcements was Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. We last saw Capcom’s cross-over series in 2011. The trailer below accompanied the announcement: Shortly after the release of that amazing trailer you just watched, the PlayStation Blog was updated with a bit more information. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite will center around the infinity stones, hence …

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Wildest dreams come true in all new LEGO Worlds video game

lego worlds wild west

Flashback: you’re 8 years old. Your only cares in the world dealt with when your next nap time were and how much time you had left to play with your toys. Most kids at the age were playing with LEGO. They were building whole new worlds. Their only limit was their imagination. Well, that and how many LEGO bricks they …

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Steam Awards Announced-Nominate Now!

Steam Award Trophy

  Head over to Steam before November 29th to nominate your favorite games for the first ever Steam Awards! This December Steam is letting you choose which games should win awards for the year.There are eight categories that cover everything from “one-more-turn syndrome” to “the best use of farm animals.” The most unique  is “The We Didn’t Think Of Anything Award”. …

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Ditto is in Pokémon GO! Find Out How to Catch Him/Her Right Now!

Pokémon GO Ditto

Niantic announced today via Google+ that the elusive Ditto is now available to catch in Pokémon GO! Here is the official release: Trainers, Professor Willow has finally discovered Ditto! Trainers all over the world have been reporting its appearance. Ditto has been known to disguise itself as other Pokémon, so keep an eye out, some Pokémon may actually be Ditto, and …

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4 Games That Offer Respite From the Hectic Holiday Season

Dead Rising 4 Christmas Tree Holiday

Geeks, the Holidays are upon us. Whether you like them or not, and no matter which you observe, there is no escaping them. Why would anyone want to do that anyway? Despite the worldly and political climes, everyone is cheerier, happier, and more giving. A facade or not, for a couple of months the world is a little brighter. There …

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Coming to Switch as Pokémon Stars (Rumor)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Art

Pokémon Sun and Moon have just come out. As the mostly positive reviews come pouring in for Game Freak’s latest entry into the decades old franchise, we’re getting news that they’re already hard at work on the next game – Pokémon Stars. Set in the tropical island paradise that is the Alola region, Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced scores of new …

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Explore Tamriel Today During The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend!


Starting today, November 16th, curious gamers will be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free until November 20th. While there is no monthly subscription fee attached to ESO, the game does cost $9.99. It’ll set you back $29.99 for the gold edition. The free weekend will only allow you to play the vanilla game, none of the DLC …

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Don’t Miss the NES Classic Edition Flash Sale at Walmart Details Inside!

NES mini complete

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is proving to be quite the elusive gift. To no ones surprise, the mini gaming treasure box filled with joy and nostalgia is flying off the shelves faster than you can say “Super Mario Bros”. So if you’ve been searching for one, you’ve most likely had to settle for the ridiculous prices on eBay, or you’ve …

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Nintendo Switch – EA Jumps on Board With “Big Game”


Nintendo has vowed to remain silent on the subject of the Nintendo Switch, but that hasn’t stop developers like Electronic Arts from expressing their thoughts on the console. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke at the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco about the companies future with the big N. While avoiding specifics, Jorgensen mentioned that “a game or two” would be …

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