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Nostalgia: Warm and Fuzzy or Cold and Weepy?


The definition of nostalgia is an oxymoron. Pleasure and sadness of remembering something from the past and wishing you could experience it again. So in a sense, isn’t nostalgia a form of masochism? Think about it, sadness is a form of pain, but if one experiences pleasure simultaneously wouldn’t that mean they are getting some good out of that pain? ...

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Top 10 Educational iPhone and iPad Games for Kids: 2015


Crazy Gears In this fun science based game, kids of all ages can play. They simply have to match pieces of gears together and pull a lever to make it to the next level. Pushing kids to their limit in knowledge is all about how to learn, and plus with a game, it makes learning fun! Dr. Panda’s Ice ...

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Beautiful and Creepy Could Describe The Game ‘Hunger’ — Check Out the Trailer Here!


This game is hauntingly beautiful.  From the co-developer of LittleBigPlanet, Tarsier Studios brings us Hunger.  This strikingly detailed game will have you ready to play just from watching seconds of its trailer.  Check it out! It definitely gives us that same feeling as LittleBigPlanet however I can’t help but get that Tim Burton vibe.  Hunger is an original game created by Tarsier and ...

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Ride Your Motocycle in Style with Halo’s Master Chief Helmet


It’s been reported that National Entertainment Collectibles Association is finally expecting to ship Halo Spartan Armor motorcycle helmets this year in July. Other than having the obvious look of Halo’s Master Chief’s helmet, the street-legal, DOT-approved motorcycle helmet features front-air intakes designed to help reduce the fog that can accumulate on the visor.  It also has rear vents and has ...

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Assassin’s Creed Movie in Production and is Said to be Released in…?


The Assassin’s Creed movie has started production as revealed by the company’s CEO, Yves Guillemot.  Ubisoft has made plans to release it on December 21, 2016. According to The Nerdist, Guillemot said, “We have the pleasure to announce today that the green light has been given by New Regency, and the production has already started…  This is a very important milestone ...

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Players Will Be Able to Wow Their Friends With Their World of Warcraft Selfies


Do you play World of Warcraft?  Do you love taking selfies?  Well now you can get the best of both worlds because the feature is going to be made available to players of this wildly popular game. In World of Warcraft‘s public test realms for patch 6.1, an item has been made available that is called the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera.  The item ...

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Cards Against Humanity Sends Poop to Buyers


You’ve read the title of this article and now I know what you’re thinking,”BULLSH*T!”  That’s exactly what Cards Against Humanity (CAH) was selling on their website on Black Friday this year.  Cards Against Humanity is a fill-in-the-blank type party game in which players use phrase cards to create statements that can range from being very disgusting to awkwardly hilarious. This ...

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Limited Anniversary Edition PlayStation Sells for $15,100 on eBay


You may have heard that PlayStation had their recent anniversary celebration and announced that they were releasing a PS1 themed PS4.  WELL, if you only had your hands on one of those babies right now.  Once sales went live, they sold out quick and it wasn’t long until we saw them posted on eBay. On eBay, someone had spent $15,100 over the ...

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Nintendo Secures Patent that Could Possibly Bring Classic Games to Other Devices

Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo has published a new patent that would give them the opportunity to imitate its mobile game consoles (such as the Game Boy line) on other devices.  Some of these devices include mobile devices such as cell phones and on the displays found on the back of seats on airplanes and trains.  The patent, however, is just an updated version ...

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Rarest Weapon in ‘Destiny’ Belongs to Only One Player


Destiny, a MMO, first-person shooter game with an intergalactic theme, was created by Bungie and published by Activision.  This game has received critical reviews from gamers worldwide and has fans creating a public events timer, a tool to estimate when and where events will take place. Ultimately, players are questing for better gear (Legendary and Exotic to be more specific) ...

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