Saturday , 18 February 2017

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed… Again

coonNfriends-assemble South Park

South Park: The Stick of Truth was better than it had any right to be. When it was first announced many were worried that Stick of Truth would follow the trend of games based on TV shows and movies by just plain sucking. For a series like South Park that fear was fed by a less than stellar track record. Beginning in 1998 …

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Anime Fans, There’s a Sale on PSN You Need to Take Advantage of!

Ni no Kuni Play Anime Sale

The second week of Bandi Namco’s “Play Anime Sale” started yesterday, and if you’re a fan of anime or the “Tales of…” series, you should check it out. From now until February 13th, Bandi Namco will be offering twenty-two games at up to 80% off! There are some real gems on the list, as well as a few heavily reduced …

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Listening to Music Anywhere: The Top 3 MP3/Portable Music Players in Games

FAllout 4 PipBoy Music

Vast, Often Quiet World If there is one thing all open-world games have in common it’s that they always have a killer soundtrack. Skyrim‘s sweeping score heightens the sense of adventure, reinforcing your purpose as the Dragonborn. In a game like GTA V, the music often defines the area you’re in. If you hear booming electronica or a slow-jam, it’s always easy …

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MetaArcade’s Adventure Platform – Play, Create, Get Paid

MetaArcade Logo2

I never really played Tunnels and Trolls. All I knew about the game was it was similar to Dungeons and Dragons, and it was easier to get into. So, when I fired up MetaArcade’s Adventure Platform I wasn’t sure what was about to happen. I was presented with a game with limitless possibilities for growth. User created content is the name of …

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Gorogoa: Strange Name, Brilliant and Beautiful Puzzler

gorogoa screen1

Tranquil, that would be the way I’d have to describe my time with Jason Roberts’ Gorogoa. When I say it’s Jason Roberts’ game, I mean it. The art, the story, the gameplay, it all comes from his brilliant mind. At PAX South I had the chance to speak with Jason about Gorogoa. Check out the intriguing trailer below, then read on for …

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Has-Been Heroes: A RougeLike No Other, Hands-On Impressions

I hadn’t heard of Finnish studio Frozenbyte‘s Has-Been Heroes until it was announced it would be on the Nintendo Switch. This weekend at PAX South, I had the chance to play this game, on the Switch with a Pro Controller, and I came away pleasantly surprised and eager to learn the intricacies of the game proper. The Pro Controller for Switch …

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PAX South 2017: A Still Growing Convention Full of Soul

PAX South Signage

San Antonio, home of the Spurs, the Alamo, and now the official spot for PAX South. Being that this is only the third PAX to grace the banks of the scenic San Antonio River, a tributary of the Guadalupe River, it isn’t quite as large as it’s East and West cousins. But, what PAX South lacks in size, it more …

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Dance With Moogles in Final Fantasy XV’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival – New Mini-games and More!

Let the Celebration Begin! Square Enix just released a video showcasing what The Moogle Chocobo Carnival in Final Fantasy XV consists of. Thankfully, it’s more than just high stakes games of “Justice Monsters Five”. Altissia is getting gussied up with mascots, banners, balloons, and all manner of carnival appropriate adornments. The Carnival kicks off January 24th, and it’s going to make Final Fantasy XV …

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Nintendo Switch Games Line-up: What You’ll be Playing in Its First Year

Switch Release Windows

There were a lot of games announced for Nintendo’s Switch during the presentation and the following days. We’ve already covered a few of the heavy hitters here at DHTG, but there are still plenty more. Many of the games shown off at the presentation and the subsequent Treehouse special didn’t have release dates attached to them. However, Nintendo has been kind enough …

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