Saturday , 24 September 2016

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“Little Nightmares” Looks Simultaneously Eerie and Whimsical


Little Nightmares is a new game with an eldritch aesthetic from Tariser Studios. It’s set to arrive in the Spring of 2017. From the creative minds at Tarsier Studios, they’ve worked on titles like Little Big Planet and Tearaway Unfolded, Little Nightmares is a puzzle/exploration game set on a mysterious vessel known as “The Maw.” Tarsier Studios describes it as: “It takes place somewhere …

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“Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV,” Essential Viewing Prior to the Game


Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a five episode anime series, with episodes ranging from 11-18 minutes, on YouTube developed by Square Enix. Had Final Fantasy XV stuck to its original September 30th release date the series would have ended at the perfect time to coincide with the debut of the game. Brotherhood’s final episode was uploaded to YouTube September 18th. …

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Immersion: What Happened to the Worlds That Made Our Jaws Drop?


Immersion in a game requires many things: A compelling story, a living, breathing world, personable and relatable characters we truly care about, and gameplay that just flows. Those things, either one or all, can exist in a game that isn’t immersive however. Immersion: Gameplay For me a good example of a game that isn’t immersive, yet still contains killer gameplay and fun …

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“World of Final Fantasy” is Simply Adorable


I am a huge fan of miniaturized objects. I once bought a six-pack of Coca Cola because the teeny, six ounce cans were just precious. So, when I first saw the trailer to World of Final Fantasy, above and fresh out of Tokyo Game Show (TGS), it took every fiber of my being not to gush out loud. I mean, how do you …

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“South Park: The Fractured But Whole” Pushed Back to 2017


Following the ever increasing trend of delaying games for more polish, Ubisoft has decided to hold off on releasing South Park: The Fractured But Whole *giggle* from December 9th until early 2017. They had this to say about the delay on their official blog: South Park: The Fractured But Whole will now launch on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, …

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Final Fantasy XV Gets PlayStation 4 Bundle


On November 29th, Sony is releasing a Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 Bundle. It actually looks pretty nice. The bundle will include a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim, Final Fantasy XV, a steel book, Kingsglaive, and DLC which includes a few outfits and weapons. There is also a special edition DualShock 4 adorned with the Final Fantasy XV label. The moon on the …

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“The Last Guardian” Delayed For “A Few Weeks”


About 7 years ago Sony showed off the eagerly awaited new game from genDesign and Team ICO, The Last Guardian. It was the follow up to the stellar Shadow of the Colossus, a game that was, and still is, used to prove the argument that video games are art. Team ICO, lead by Fumito Ueda, are known for painstakingly crafting their games with excruciating detail. …

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Sony’s Two Huge PlayStation 4 Missteps May Cost Them


Whenever a new console is announced gamers world-wide should be filled with giddy anticipation. With Sony’s recent bungles however, gamers are finding it rather difficult to get hyped for the PlayStation 4 Pro, and for the future of the PlayStation in general. September 7th, 2016 should have been a time of much jubilation for console gamers. Sony unveiled two new …

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Sony Stymies Fallout 4, Skyrim Mod Support According to Bethesda


Bethesda announced they would be finally bringing Mod support to consoles for Fallout 4. Set to release on Xbox One first and to appear on PlayStation 4 “sometime later,” it would be the first, and as of yet only, time mods were available on anything but PC. On May 31st, Bethesda made the seemingly impossible, possible. Fallout 4 on Xbox …

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PlayStation 4 Pro: What We Know and What Matters


As Apple’s big event came and went yesterday, Sony was holding their own special press meeting in New York. At the meeting the two rumored PlayStation 4 redesigns, the PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim, were officially revealed. Firstly was the PlayStation 4 Slim model. The Slim is just a smaller version of the current model already available on the market. …

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