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Resident Evil 7 Plot Details, Content Leaked By ESRB Rating

ResidentEvil7 Mansion

Capcom has been releasing news about Resident Evil 7 on a slow drip since it was premiered at E3 this year. The latest bits have been another teaser trailer and the “green herb.” Today, thanks to twitter user Wario64 and the ESRB, we may have knowledge on the basic premise of RE7’s plot as well as details about combat and other ...

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Just over 11 Days Left in PlayStation, Capcom Humble Bundle Deal


Update: The article originally stated there were only 11 hours to participate in the Capcom and Humble Bundle deal. The timer was misread, and you in fact have 11 days. Apologies for any inconvenience. The article has been modified to reflect this. Sony, Capcom, and the folks over at Humble Bundle have teamed up to bring us a collection of ...

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Toejam and Earl, Making 2017 a Whole Lot Groovier

ToejamandEarl title

2016 got you down? Is this year just not doing it for you? Well, worry not because 2017 is getting an injection of groove from two blast from the funky past, Toejam and Earl. Humanature Studios and Adult Swim Games’ follow up to the 1991 Sega classic Toejam and Earl, Back in the Groove, brings the titular rapping aliens back to Earth ...

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2 New Models Of PlayStation 4 Debut Sept. 7th, PS+ Changes

Img Src: NeoGaf

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony will be showing off two new versions of the PlayStation 4 console at a major press event in New York on September 7th. The event will be held at the PlayStation Theater and the topic will be the business future of the PlayStation 4. The first model is the slimmer version of the ...

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“No Man’s Sky” A Non-Review


Firstly, I want to preface that this is not (technically) a review of No Man’s Sky. Through my numerous hours of play it has become more apparent that a true review would be nigh impossible. Not only is No Man’s Sky a beast of a game when it comes to the sheer amount of content provided, it is also a game in which ...

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Resident Evil 7 Doubles Down on Horror in New Trailer (Video)


The latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise is, thankfully, putting the “horror” back into the survival/horror genre. A genre Capcom can be credited for essentially creating. It’s true other, creepier games have come before and since they first released the now classic tale of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine unraveling the mysterious Umbrella Corporation, but Resident Evil brought survival/horror to the mainstream. ...

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Hour Long Gameplay of the “Master Version” of Final Fantasy XV (VIDEO)

FinalFantasy XV TitleScreen

Straight out of Gamescom comes a hour long gameplay video for the “master version” of the newly delayed Final Fantasy XV. The video, which you can watch below, accomplishes two things. The most important of the two: Final Fantasy XV is done and it looks great. The other accomplishment feels like a confusing tug on the heart. Well, two tugs, and they are pulling emotions ...

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It’s Official, Final Fantasy XV Has Been Delayed

FinalFantasy XV pinball

If you’ve been paying attention the last couple of days then you are probably well aware of the rumor, started by Gamnesia and perpetuated by Kotaku, that Final Fantasy XV had been delayed until November 29th. A full two months after the previous September 30th date. Their only evidence at the time were “sources,” and this single image: One could ...

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Florence + The Machine and Final Fantasy XV Make Beautiful Music Together

FinalFantasyXV Frog2

Florence + The Machine has been around for almost ten years now. With multiple best selling albums and a passionate fan base the English group, lead by Florence Welch, has influenced millions in America and countless more in their native country. Welch’s angelic voice and the accompanying tranquil melodies have always had a fantasy like and other worldly feel to them. ...

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Dead Rising Triple Pack Shambles Onto PS4 and Xbox One

Dead Rising 10 year

Dead Rising, the game in which players beat zombies to death with “personal massagers,” is turning 10 this year. In celebration of a decade of zombie slaying Capcom is bringing the three games from the Dead Rising series to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this September. The Dead Rising Triple Pack will include Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: ...

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