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Do you use iCloud to back up your info and photos? Yesterday over 100 celeb women had their private (and mostly nude) photos leaked out over the web. They are supposedly coming from someone who is claiming they hacked their iCloud accounts. Nothing has been said from Apple that we can find to verify if this is they way these were leaked or not but they were retrieved one way or another. Most of the celebs like Jennifer Lawrence have taken to attorneys to have the photos stopped and going after sites that are publishing them.

When the photos were first leaked to 4chan the person posting them was going after donations to keep the photos coming. After only receiving 0.2545 BTC in donations (bitcoin) I guess they realized they could not make a ton and just posted what they had. Some of the women affected so far are Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Dunst, Rihanna and many more. Some of the women took to Twitter to defend their pics and privacy.

Do you have your info protected? Make sure you are using a very strong password and not something that is easily guessed. If you are still worried that someone can get into your info then completely turn off iCloud photo syncing through Settings > iCloud. Or if you are using another service then be sure and turn off the photo backing up and just let the pics stay locally on the device. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.