Tuesday , 9 February 2016

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According to Obama, Sony Should Not Have Canceled ‘The Interview’ Release and Will Respond to North Korea


00 President Barack Obama has made a statement in regards to the Sony cyber attack.  What we saw earlier was the FBI confirming North Korea’s involvement.  He thought that although Sony has suffered damages, the company had made the wrong decision in cancelling the release of the movie The Interview. “Sony is a corporation, it suffered significant damage…  There were threats ...

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FBI Announces That North Korea is In Fact Behind Sony Hack


00 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has stated that North Korea is confirmed to be behind the cyber attack that was lead on Sony last month.  This hack has led to damages effecting Sony because of stolen emails, leaked data, and the cancellation of the anticipated movie The Interview.  The FBI has formally identified North Korea’s government having involvement in these ...

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Sony Hackers Make More Demands — Absolutely No Leaks


00 The Sony Pictures hack has been all over the news and now that the hackers have demanded the cancellation of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview, they want more. After the studio canceled the Christmas release of The Interview, hackers have now demanded more from top Sony executives.  An email message read that they would withhold the stolen data on ...

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US Officials Determine North Korea’s Involvement in Sony Cyber Attacks


00 US officials have concluded that North Korea has involvement in the cyber attack on Sony Pictures.  Although North Korea has denied taking part in the Sony hack, officials say that they have found evidence that links North Korea with individuals who initiated the attack.  This comes to us with the knowledge that North Korea could have ordered individuals to ...

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Sony Hack and Terrorist Threats Results in Cancellation of The Interview


00 In light of hack that Sony has been enduring, Sony Pictures has finally decided to cancel the release of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview.  Rogen and Franco star in the movie where their characters are a part of a popular television news show.  They are then recruited by the CIA to assassinate the leader of North Korea, Kim ...

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Xbox under attack: Lizard Squad Strikes Again

Lizard Squad 5

00 For the second time in a week the hacker group ‘Lizard Squad’ has attacked Xbox Live. The first attack was on Monday, December 1st, when users found that they had trouble connecting to the Xbox store or checking the status of friends on Xbox One. The second attack occurred on Friday December 5th. Problems were confirmed by Microsoft at ...

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Sony Hack Proved to Be Worse Than We Thought


00 Poor, poor Sony…  I cringe at the thought of what they must be going through right now because of the hack that had targeted them.  When 40 gigabytes of leaked data was sorted through, BuzzFeed discovered a lot of information that is leading to Sony’s downfall.  Files that ranged from medical records to unreleased scripts — we can’t help but ...

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Xbox Live Goes Offline Monday Night and Blame is Claimed by Hacker Group


00 Xbox Live was down on Monday and reports came filing in from members saying they could not connect.  A hacker group known as Lizard Squad made the claim on their Twitter account that they were responsible for taking Xbox Live offline using DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. Xbox Live #offline — Lizard Squad (@LizardPatrol) December 2, 2014 Lizard Squad has a history ...

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Sony hacks continue as advance copies of movies hit the web.

Image from Fury

00 Poor Sony, first #GOP hacks them and hijacks their computers and now in possibly a (un)related move copies of movies have hit torrent sites. As we reported earlier this week, Sony Pictures was the victim of hacking by a group called #GOP. Now we found out that a handful of movies from the studio made their way to torrent sites. ...

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