Sunday , 19 February 2017

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Top Tech of 2016 from Don’t Hate the Geek!

2016 is over, so it’s time to wrap up the top tech of the year! In a year that definitely had its ups and downs, we got some of the best devices we could have asked for. Without further adieu, these are the picks of cool and innovative stuff you should be spending your money on. Armastis’ Top Tech: Samsung Galaxy …

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iPhone 8: Samsung-Made Curved Display on 1 of 3 New Phones

iphone 8 concept with curved display

The iPhone 8 rumour mill keeps putting out new information! As we previously reported, Apple is allegedly featuring a curved screen in the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. Now, it has come to light that not only will there be 3 phones, but they may be getting those advanced displays from their #1 competitor: Samsung. It sounds like OLED displays are …

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iOS 10.2 Released! Apple iPhone Nerds Rejoice!

iOS 10 on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Starting now, Apple is rolling out iOS 10.2. If you are holding a newer iPhone in your hand, expect to get the freshest and most stable version shortly. So, what’s new for 10.2? The brand new TV app – Apple’s new TV app keeps track of the movies and shows you are into. You will discover new apps and iTunes releases …

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iPhone Coming After Samsung with Curved Screen?

iphone 7 display close

Here comes the rumor mill! The iPhone 7 is still hot off its recent release. Nevertheless, Apple’s Chinese suppliers are reporting that Cupertino has asked them to ramp up production of OLED displays. The aim is to produce screens that are better than the beautiful displays rival Samsung produces. Could we see an iPhone with a curved OLED display à la the Galaxy …

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iPhone 7 International GIVEAWAY FTW!!!

It’s time for another awesome giveaway with DHTG. Yes we have a matte black iPhone 7 unlocked for one of you lucky geeks out there! Easy as always hit the links below get as many entries as you can and boom!!! Random winner will be picked Christmas Eve, December 24th at midnight! Get entered and be sure and share! Good …

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iCloud Secretly Stores Your Call History for Too Long

The cloud is a nice and convenient place. It’s also a bit of gray area when it comes to privacy. We’ve talked about hackers accessing Apple iCloud accounts and publishing celebrity nudes. Now, it’s come to light that Apple stores your call log in your iCloud account for up to 4 months. This is as long as you activate iCloud, even if …

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Pixel Phone by Google, Hacked in a Minute!

Google Pixel in Quite Black - top tech 2016

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Google Pixel? Apparently, all it takes is a small team of white hat hackers from Chinese security company Qihoo 360. The team of good guys hacked into a Pixel in yes – SIXTY SECONDS. The challenge was part of the 2016 PwnFest hacking competition in Seoul. Afterwards, Google’s Chrome …

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Sprint First Carrier Offering Google’s Universal RCS

Sprint and Google Logos

As if the mobile messaging landscape weren’t complicated enough. Sprint is now the first US carrier to offer RCS (Rich Communications Services) using Google‘s universal standard in the Messenger app. Do Android users finally have a universal text messaging service that can compete with iMessage? What is RCS? Before getting into Google’s “keep throwing up messaging apps to see what sticks” …

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Slotventure: online casino, classic and social slots

As you know, casinos as well as any other gambling are under a ban almost everywhere. But passion is simply necessary in our life. Fortunately, nobody will forbid us to gamble for example, in iPhone. Now, we’ll speak about Slotventure. It is a whole casino which you will be able to play at any time and in any place. Are …

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