Friday , 6 May 2016

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iPhone 6 Port Plugs Sponsored Review


Do you ever pull pocket lint out of the ear port on your phone? Be honest….I know a few of you have. Well, I have. Little did I know there is actually a way to avoid this. Port Plugs are made just for that reason. Think about all of the lint, dust, dirt, sand, sweat, grime, and other debris that ...

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Review: Peel case for iPhone 6


Peel has created a super-thin, almost non-existent case for iPhone.  Their concept protects your phone with minimal increases in weight and bulk, and keeps the same form of the phone in your hand. I put the case to the test on my iPhone 6.  The first thing I noticed about the case was literally how thin it was.  I usually ...

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Fallout Shelter Earns Bethesda $5.1 Million in just 2 weeks


  During Bethesda’s conference this year at E3, inside their announcement of Fallout 4, Todd Howard announced there was not just one game set in the Fallout universe on the way, but two. The second came as a complete surprise, somehow a hidden gem, which was installed on nearly all the developers phones, had not been leaked with so much news ...

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The Question of PhotoMath


Remember that episode of The Big Bang Theory when the guys were trying to create an app that solves differential equations?  Well we might not be that far away from it actually existing.  Back in October of 2014, microblink released PhotoMath on iTunes.  This app not only solves the problem for you, but it shows you the steps required to ...

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Top 10 Educational iPhone and iPad Games for Kids: 2015


Crazy Gears In this fun science based game, kids of all ages can play. They simply have to match pieces of gears together and pull a lever to make it to the next level. Pushing kids to their limit in knowledge is all about how to learn, and plus with a game, it makes learning fun! Dr. Panda’s Ice ...

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