Wednesday , 18 January 2017

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Japan has a new way to keep your smartphone clean

There was a time when people would take a newspaper or magazine with them to the bathroom. These days, people have replaced the magazines with their smartphones. Because of this, our smartphones have now become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Well, leave it to Japan to come up with a way to combat this, smartphone toilet paper. …

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Nintendo Coming to a Universal Park near You!


Universal Parks is Holding Our Dreams Nintendo welcomes you back into open arms as they open a theme park for your inner child! The partnership between Universal and Nintendo was announced in 2015, providing no further information on the matter of the park. Fortunately, Nintendo finally satisfied our curiosity with a press release on 11.29: “Imagine the fun of stepping …

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Final Fantasy XV: A Fast, Sexy Car and a New Demo – In Japan

If you’re a (future) fan of Final Fantasy XV and live in Japan, then has Square Enix got something(s) for you. The Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 Also known as “The Audi R8 Star of Lucis,” you may remember this car from Kingsglaive. As a collaborative project between the Final Fantasy XV team and the German manufacturers, the special edition Audi R8 is coming as …

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Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload Comes Home in 2017

Previously only available in the US and UK on the PSVita or Steam, Danganronpa is now being ported to the PlayStation 4. NIS America, known for bringing us gems like Disgaea, will be releasing the game in early 2017. Now, for those who haven’t played the originals on Vita, the above trailer probably didn’t make a lick of sense. That would …

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Why wouldn’t Japan have an adult VR festival? NSFW

I guess if you are into that sort of thing…. Japan will be kicking off their first Adult VR festival taking place in Tokyo’s Akihabara starting June 12th. This event is focused on just what it says in the title…adult VR and lots of it. Tickets will only run you 3,000 yen (US$27), and photo i.d. is necessary. Check out the video …

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Monopoly Celebrates Japanese Art

Japanese Monopoly Board

Ah Monopoly, a game where the editions keep coming and coming. I’ve got three versions in our closet here at home but I’ve never seen a version quite like this. Released to celebrate the 300th anniversary of a Japanese store called Nakagawa Masamichi the Japanese Arts and Craft Edition is a thing of beauty.  The design is simple and evokes a …

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Anime 2D Hologram For Your Home

Just when you are getting used to Siri and Cortana, a new start up in Japan, has taken the interactive primitive AI to a new, and potentially hazardous level. Hazardous if you are a single, lonely, anime obsessed individual, which includes thousands of Anime Con goers. The company, going by the name Vinclu is planning on releasing this AI/ primitive …

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