Friday , 24 February 2017

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Watch Jason Momoa in Action for Netflix’s ‘Frontier’

Jason Momoa is on a war-path in the first trailer for Netflix’s Frontier You don’t have to wait for the release of Justice League or Aquaman to see Jason Momoa kicking ass again. He’s got a Netflix Original Series, Frontier, coming to your TV on January 20th, 2017. Frontier will be a 6 part series. We’ve finally got our first look …

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Aquaman Stunt Team Is Prepping for Water Scenes


On the set of Aquaman: We’ve already seen news that pre-production has begun on DC’s Aquaman. Now it seems that the stunt performers are prepping for the film’s more grueling scenes, both by land and by sea. Keir Beck, the stunt coordinator for Aquaman, had this to say in an interview with 9news: “General stunt skills, fighting, y’know if there …

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Aquaman’s Evil Half-Brother, Orm to be Played by Patrick Wilson

Aquaman is set to finally have his very own feature length live-action film in a couple of years and he’s bringing some of his family along for the occasion of course, even those that might want him dead. One of Aquaman’s primary antagonists has just been casted for the 2018 installment into the DC Extended Universe and it’s a personal …

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James Wan speaks about his direction for Aquaman film

Jason Momoa with image of Aquaman from commics

During a recent interview with MTV News, James Wan spoke about his role as the director of the new Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa. Wan is known for directing popular horror movies such as Saw and Insidious Chapter 2. This is pretty exciting news for Aquaman fans because he will finally have that dark and gritty vibe that he’s held …

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Aquaman is Now Confirmed to be in Four Movies

Back in October it was confirmed that Jason Momoa would be playing Aquaman. It has now been confirmed that the former Game of Thrones actor has signed on for four movies. That means that Aquaman will likely appear in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League Part One, Justice League Part Two, and an Aquaman solo film, though only …

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Jason Momoa of Game Of Thrones Confirms Role as Aquaman

Having roles in Game Of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, and Stargate: Atlantis (just to name a few), Jason Momoa has now confirmed he will star in a new role in the DC Universe as Aquaman.  Warner Bros. recently announced 10 DC comic movies which will keep them busy for the next few years. Over the weekend, Momoa was asked at Walker …

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