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This is hilarious.  Have you ever found yourself in a long marathon of gaming and at the same time, felt the need to eat?  I have.  I always have, especially when I’m playing the zombie mode on Black Ops.  Well geeks, Domino’s is apparently hooking gamers up with the possibility to order their food through their Xbox One.

I know what you’re thinking, “Hold up, Kimmy…  Seriously?  That’s just silly!”  It IS silly, which is why I’m telling you about this.

Sure you could pick up the phone, but it has to be more fun doing it the Xbox One way.  Domino’s has a new app (only available in the UK, sorry US) that enables gamers to order their pizza through their console.  All they have to do is yell out,”Domino’s feed me” and the Kinect will launch the app.  “DOMINO’S!  FEEEEEEEEEEEED ME!”

I’m shaking my head right now.  I still think this is silly and possibly borderline ridiculous.  Clever though!

Users can then select their choice of pizza using their controller or waving their arm.  After the order is made, you can track the prep and delivery status of the pizza through the app.  The app can also be ran in another window open at the same time (just so it doesn’t interrupt your gaming).

I’m so surprised by this, but I guess it’s not a new thing.  Pizza Hut has previously released an app for the Xbox 360 which also made ordering pizza available to avid gamers to make their order via the console.

What do you think geeks?  Are you in the UK and are you taking advantage of this app?  Let us know in the comments below!