Tuesday , 3 May 2016

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Coocheer CH-080 Bluetooth Speaker Sponsored REVIEW


Here at DHTG we get quite a few speakers and headphones in for review. Some are sub par and some really stand out. Prices for these are all over the board but sometimes you stumble across a a gem. Coocheer is a company that has sent us out a few products before and I have to say that everything that ...

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Bach or The Bangles? Thinking Style Linked to Music Preference

Musical Notation

Researchers at Cambridge have discovered that a person’s cognitive style can accurately give an indication of music preferences. According to their research, by dividing people into two broad categories, “systemizers” and “empathizers,” they have been able to predict whether a person’s musical preferences lean more toward complex, intense music or simpler, more mellow music. For example, thinkers who identify as systemizers ...

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NASA Recorded the ‘sounds of space’ …And here they are.


Not only have we recently been getting up close and personal with planets we were (until now) unable to reach (See: Pluto), NASA has also recorded the sound individual planets as well as deep space create.  The sounds are ethereal, and although not supernatural or paranormal in nature, still eerie and meaningful.  Seemingly reaching a deep place somewhere in your ...

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iLike Speed Series Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW


Don’t let the kickass price fool ya! We got our geeky hands on one of the latest headset pair from iLike. I have fallen in love with this headset. My first impression while unboxing was not the best. The headset came in a very generic box and looked like something cheaply made. As I took out the headset I felt ...

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Sonic Waste: Vinyl’s Unforgivable Flip Side


So, what is the best format for your audio? Any fully paid up 21st century geek, would be expected to say – duh – that streaming is the only show in town and that anything else is good for no-one but for antique analogue fanatics like Jack White. (Above pic by  Peat Bakke) But hang on there for just one diode digitizing minute, let’s not be so ...

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