Saturday , 25 February 2017

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The CW Seed Resurrects Constantine as an Animated Series

Constantine on NBC was an absolutely perfect adaptation of hugely beloved fan-favorite character, John Constantine and the dark and crazy world he inhabits. It really got the meat and bones of the character in understanding who he really is and how his sorcery works, but more importantly, it was Matt Ryan’s performance that made it feel like John walked out …

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First TV Spot for Powerless Shows Us Who the True Heroes Are

Debuting just under a month from now, we get to see a little more of NBC’s DC Universe set sitcom, Powerless via its first commercial. Take a peek for yourself down below! What’s significant about this TV ad here is that its the first footage we’ve seen since it was announced that the central place of business for the series …

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NBC’s Powerless Adds Batman Connection to the Series

NBC’s upcoming sitcom set in the DC Universe, Powerless is set to premiere next month, but before it comes to air, its added on a big last minute change as to where exactly it takes place. The main crux of the show from the beginning was that it took place at an insurance company in the world of DC Comics …

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Strong: Ninja Warrior Meets Biggest Loser?

This April the reality tv show Strong debuted on NBC hosted by the gorgeous professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and narrated by  Executive producer Sylvester Stallone. Strong began its season with 20 contestants; 10 professional trainers and 10 female trainees, who on the first day chose who they wanted to be trained by. Every trainer has a specialty and is said …

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Timeless, a new time traveling show coming this fall

NBC, the writers, of Supernatural, and the producers of Blacklist have announced a new series coming in fall of 2016 called Timeless. The trailer went live on the 15th of May 2016 and it simply looks amazing. The last time we have seen a full TV show from America that involved time-travel (not including the mini-series 11-22-63) was Quantum Leap …

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FIRST LOOK: Mr. Robot’s Second Season Trailer Is Here! [VIDEO]

Mr. Robot

The Official trailer just dropped for the upcoming second season of Mr. Robot starring Until Dawn‘s Rami Malek. The trailer was announced today at the NBC’s 2016 conference and you can watch it here first: This award winning show is a hit with any tech geek filled with philosophical queries and endless action. The second season will be centered around what …

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‘Powerless’ is coming to TV thanks to NBC

NBC is now officially rejoining the superhero TV game by ordering Powerless to its fall schedule. NBC is going full steam ahead after ordering a pilot for the half-hour workplace sitcom that takes place within the DC Universe at an insurance company that deals with the aftermath damage of superhero and villain fights for those without powers. The series will be focused on the employees as …

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Reboots Aplenty: Xena and Fresh Prince Hoping for Remakes

You’re gettin’ a reboot, and you’re gettin’ a reboot… EVERYBODY’S GETTING A REBOOT. Oprah would be proud! Lots of reboot news this week as two popular 90’s shows (they were popular to me anyway) are currently being looked into. First up, NBC boss (Bob Greenblatt) has told The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to see a Xena: Warrior Princess remake, …

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Heroes Reborn Gets a Webisode Prequel

How have you been doing in the 5 years since NBC’s super-powered drama Heroes has left us? In many minds, mine included, the show started strong, got a little better, got a lot worst, and then started to find its footing a little just before being pulled by NBC. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason a show so promising …

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