Monday , 20 February 2017

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Japan has a new way to keep your smartphone clean

There was a time when people would take a newspaper or magazine with them to the bathroom. These days, people have replaced the magazines with their smartphones. Because of this, our smartphones have now become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Well, leave it to Japan to come up with a way to combat this, smartphone toilet paper. …

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iPhone 7 International GIVEAWAY FTW!!!

It’s time for another awesome giveaway with DHTG. Yes we have a matte black iPhone 7 unlocked for one of you lucky geeks out there! Easy as always hit the links below get as many entries as you can and boom!!! Random winner will be picked Christmas Eve, December 24th at midnight! Get entered and be sure and share! Good …

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SkinCase Impressions and Review VIDEO

In a world of thin sleek phones most of us live in the security of huge rubber fortresses. There is nothing that gets to me more than buying a phone because of how thin, sexy and sleek it is then putting it into a big thick case. Now some of you out there need these cases…some of you do not. …

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LG V20 International GIVEAWAY from DontHateTheGeek

Alright out there phone lovers it is Trick-or Treat time with DHTG!!! Welcome to another awesome giveaway from DHTG. Thanks to the geeks over at LG we have a new LG V20 for one of you lucky geeks. The LG V20 is one of the best phones of 2016 and one of you are going to grab one for free. …

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Sad to say but the Samsung Note 7 should be end of life

Note 7 on fire

If any of you have been following us, you know we love the Samsung Note 7. In our review it was rated as one of the best phones made to date. During the first recall (due to the batteries catching fire or exploding) we stood by our review. “Samsung is taking care of it by doing the recall and sending …

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Grand Theft Auto V mod turns Galaxy Note 7 into bombs (VIDEO)

Much has been said about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and its tendency to sometimes randomly explode and make some people think that the iPhone 7 isn’t such a bad option for their next phone purchase. Samsung have of course recalled the device and given exchange options to their customers ever since the PR nightmare occurred in August. Now of …

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‘Stop using’ your Galaxy Note 7 says the US Safety Commission

In a whirlwind of recall havoc, Samsung has been on top of the ‘voluntary recall’ for over a week now. Most of you carrying the device have received an email or alert one way or another to swap the device out. Now Samsung is doing what they can to get exchange devices out but also letting people have other options …

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 International GIVEAWAY

  It’s time again for NFM and DHTG to team up again for your greatest giveaways! Thanks to the geeks over at NFM, we have the latest greatest Samsung Galaxy Note7 for one of you lucky geeks to win. Checkout our full review of the Note7 here. To enter all you need to do is hit the box below and …

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