Monday , 20 February 2017

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Memes of the Star Wars Prequels Take Reddit by Storm(trooper)

The one-month old Reddit community PrequelMemes has quickly won over the hearts of Star Wars fans for its very meta takes on internet culture and of course the Star Wars references. If you thought Anakin’s sand speech in Attack of the Clones was cringeworthy, you’ll get over it when you see how fans transformed the lambasted dialogue of Episodes I-III into comedy gold. …

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Portable Robot Printer to Save Lives of College Students

Robotic Printer

You’re late and there’s no time to dash to the library to print that assignment. The meeting is about to start and you needed to print that document. We’ve all been there. ZUtA Labs has answered your printing prayers with the new portable Robot Printer! You can print from any device with wifi or bluetooth connection. This robot will be …

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New Kickstarter Tabletop & Augmented Reality GAME-ON

Card game and directions

VR video games are in a boom right now. You can experience survival horror and first person shooters as your favorite characters for the first time. But have you ever considered an augmented reality tabletop game? Creator of the GAME-ON Kickstarter Damien Lopez has. He has spent the last two years developing a deck of cards that use augmented reality to transform …

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Perk Up Your Ears For Neko Atsume Live Action Film Release Date

cats from Neko Atsume

Are you cat crazy? Then you’re in the right place! The Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector app has allowed cat lovers world-wide to collect adorable cats since its release in October of 2014. The craze hasn’t ended since, Hit-Point has recently celebrated the apps 19 millionth download. The game is charming and simple with three basic steps: put out food and …

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A Ghoulish Reveal: Tokyo Ghoul’s Live Action Film Unveils Iconic Mask

Keneki in mask

Tokyo Ghoul, the popular manga and anime series, is being translated to live-action! This new photo release reveals actor Masataka Kubuta who portrays Kaneki in his iconic mask! Not familiar with Tokyo Ghoul? Here’s a brief synopsis to give a taste of this amazing series! Ghouls are running rampant through Japan and are at war with the human race. They …

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One Piece Film: Gold North America Buy Tickets Now!

Movie title

A theater locator is now available for the One Piece film! Tickets are now on sale for North America, buy them now! The time is near! From January 10-17 the One Piece Film: Gold will play in theaters across North America. Set in Gran Tesoro, the film will center around Captain Luffy and crew facing off against a powerful king. …

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DuckTales Reboot Teaser Released!

Ducks inside Scrooge McDuck

Cancel your summer vacation plans and re-live your childhood next summer! A reboot of DuckTales is scheduled for summer of 2017, and a teaser is out now! Airing for just three years of afternoons in the eighties, the original show followed the antics of millionaire Uncle Scrooge McDuck and his adventures with Hewey, Dewey, and Louie! Action packed episodes about …

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New Titans Pending, Attack on Titan Release Date!

Huge Titan breaks wall

After setbacks in production Attack on Titan Season two finally has a release date! The rumors of an early 2017 release were correct. The release date is currently spring of 2017! The new season promises to be an emotional and violent ride. While the manga gives a sneak peak of the events of Eren and Mikasa’s lives, the manga that the season will …

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Live Action Beast and More Revealed from Beauty and the Beast

Without a doubt, one of 2017’s most anticipated films is Disney’s live action retelling of one of its absolute classics, Beauty and the Beast. There is still a lot of love behind the original movie and the new version boasts a pretty stack cast. We’ve had a good look at Emma Watson’s Belle, but most certainly, people have been pining to see how …

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Fappening Hacker Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Jennifer Lawrence

The man whose phishing scam resulted in “The Fappening” is getting 18 months in federal prison. Ryan Collins, 36, of Lancaster, PA, broke into 100+ iCloud and Gmail accounts. Many of these accounts belonged to female celebrities. This hack resulted in the release of nude photos and videos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and many others. According to the US Attorney’s Office in …

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