Monday , 20 February 2017

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200GB Verizon Unlimited Users Will Need to Switch Plans Soon

They say that all good things must come to an end and in the case of some Verizon Unlimited customers, that end is coming fairly soon. Verizon has officially announced that its customers that currently use about 200GB or more unlimited data in their plans on a monthly basis are going to have to switch limited plans starting next month …

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Choose Your Appropriate Reaction for The Emoji Movie Teaser

We all thought this was some elaborate Hollywood joke, that a feature length film couldn’t be made of the text message emoticons known as emojis. Well then you underestimate what Hollywood will spin into a property since the first trailer for The Emoji Movie has arrived and you can see it for yourself below. Yep, its real. This is a …

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Grand Theft Auto V mod turns Galaxy Note 7 into bombs (VIDEO)

Much has been said about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and its tendency to sometimes randomly explode and make some people think that the iPhone 7 isn’t such a bad option for their next phone purchase. Samsung have of course recalled the device and given exchange options to their customers ever since the PR nightmare occurred in August. Now of …

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Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for your smartphone

Smartphone users rejoice! Should something ever happen to your 2D or 3DS Nintendo will have you covered. The gaming giant has announced that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, two of the company’s biggest and beloved franchises, will be their next games making their move to mobile. Given the 10 million downloads the Miitomo app has had since launching, it seems only right …

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Seeing Into a Virtual New World

The topic of the day is this: A personal look into Virtual and Augmented Reality. While I have never actually seen, felt, or experienced either of these to date, these new steps in gaming technology have certainly caught my interest. Watching the world change has always been a past time for everyone, even subconsciously. It is always happening. But it seems …

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