Saturday , 25 February 2017

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David S. Pumpkins Has Been Here All Along!

David S. Pumpkins in The Shining

Some love him. Some hate him. But David S. Pumpkins has made his mark. Tom Hanks and Saturday Night Live made an instant classic just in time for Halloween. But did you know Mr. Pumpkins has actually had a long career of delivering the spookiness? Check out the terrifying video evidence below…

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Marvel President Hints At Black Widow MCU Series

  We all have characters from the comics that we think deserve their own movies. And many are getting solo adventures on the big screen after production companies have seen how much money these features (sometimes monstrosities?) bring in at the box office. Not too many characters have as devoted and vocal a campaign as the #WeWantWidow movement. All across …

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‘The Dink’ Hosted SNL and it was Fantastic. VIDEO

  April 2nd marked a monumental day for geeks everywhere as Peter Dinklage finally hosted SNL for the first time since his initial appearance on the show in April of 2013. With season 6 of Game of Thrones  swiftly approaching, Dinklage began his monologue by clearing the air about his knowledge (or lack thereof) of a certain character whose fate …

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5 Shows to Put in Your Brain This Fall

Once again we find ourselves at the waning of yet another summer season and just a few, short weeks from pulling out our jackets and sweaters to battle the impending chill. Then we long again for the days of BBQ’s and sun burns and girls in bikinis that probably shouldn’t be wearing bikinis. Until that glorious date with destiny, however, we can …

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