Thursday , 19 January 2017

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Pocket Kingdom Game Review: An Amiga Homage

When I was a kid, my brother and I inherited an old Amiga system from our relatives in Toronto. Even though we had the original PlayStation at home, playing the Amiga at my grandparents’ house was one of the highlights of my childhood. I loved playing games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Police Quest, and Shadow of the Beast. …

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‘Stardew Valley’ Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Month

Stardew Valley Title

Starting December 13th PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to see what all the fuss over Stardew Valley is about. Xbox One gamers will have to wait until the 14th to start the peaceful life of a farmer. Stardew Valley hit the PC in February of this year and is still receiving rave reviews in the Steam store. It’s worth noting that …

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The Steam Winter Sale Date has Been Leaked!


Gamers everywhere rejoice! After spending your hard earned dollars buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones, you can finally treat yourself! NeoGAF has let it slip that the Steam Winter Sale will begin on December 22nd! Eurogamer has since confirmed this, and has also added that the sale will end on January 2nd. The news shouldn’t come as much of …

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Steam Awards Announced-Nominate Now!

Steam Award Trophy

  Head over to Steam before November 29th to nominate your favorite games for the first ever Steam Awards! This December Steam is letting you choose which games should win awards for the year.There are eight categories that cover everything from “one-more-turn syndrome” to “the best use of farm animals.” The most unique  is “The We Didn’t Think Of Anything Award”. …

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No Man’s Sky Update Coming Soon, What to Expect!

no man's sky title card games

After a long silence, Hello Games announced that the “Foundation” update is coming to No Man’s Sky. The beleaguered game infamously received harsh criticism and mixed reviews. The developer – and co-founder Sean Murray specifically – have been accused of misrepresenting gameplay and features in the build-up to launch. In the weeks since the release, Hello Games rolled out a …

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Stone Blade Ascends the Board

App main-screen Ascension

Tired of the typical board game? Take a look at a deck building game with a twist; an app format! Stone Blade Entertainment has launched an app platform for one of its most popular board game series, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. The game, released both on Steam and in the App Store, was designed to promote Ascension league participation. As …

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Steam Tightens Rules on How Developers Present Games

The Steam marketplace is about to see a big change thanks to games like No Man’s Sky. The change? No more “bullshots” on any game’s store page. For those not familiar with “bullshots,” they are when developers doctor an image in order to make the game they are selling look much better than the final product. The practice is something …

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No Man’s Sky Allegedly Hacked, Tweet Calls Game “A Mistake”

It's No Man's Sky

Early this morning, after months of radio silence, Hello Games sent out a tweet regarding their ambitious game, No Man’s Sky. The tweet itself has been deleted, but not before numerous screen grabs were taken. Of course, this sent the internet into a frenzy. Threads on Reddit exploded with wild theories and irate fans. Twitter was inundated with retweets and angry …

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