Monday , 20 February 2017

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Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Finally Here to Terrorize and Tease Us!

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, most anybody can find something they love on screen during the Superbowl. For geeks everywhere this was no exception, and we were given several trailers to keep us excited and full of anticipation. My favorite absolutely has to be the Stranger Things Season Two Trailer: Stranger Things is a science fiction horror featured …

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Check Out Your Favorite Netflix Characters in This 8-bit Game!

Stranger Things from Netflix in 8 bit

Stranger Things and other Netflix characters are now in 8-bit Netflix has released an infinite runner game for your enjoyment. You can play as some of your favorite characters, as you can see in the image above. The streaming conglomerate decided to release the game after a ton of fan videos were released on YouTube of the hit show Stranger Things …

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Year End: These TV Shows Ruled My 2016!

The Walking Dead: Best TV Shows of 2016

These TV Shows Ruled My 2016! Geekdom spreads far and wide. Some geeks enjoy creating elaborate costumes for cosplay. Some geeks love playing video games for hours upon end. One thing that is almost unanimously loved throughout our culture is our beloved television programs. Almost everyone, geeks and non-geeks alike, have a favorite show that they like to sit down …

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Stranger Things Adds a Couple of 80s Stars for Season Two

Anyone who saw the first season of Netflix’s mega hit series, Stranger Things can immediately name off a whole lot of genre properties from its 1980s setting that helped to inspire the show everyone wouldn’t stop talking about for weeks after they had binged it. Production for season two is underway and the show is adding on one actor from …

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Get Stoked! Stranger Things Funko Pops are Coming!

stranger things funko barb will eleven

Netflix Original released Stranger Things back in July and quickly became a sensation. Resurrecting the 1980’s, the first season follows a strange phenomenon in a small town initiated by a D&D and physics loving boy disappearing. The town’s police chief takes point and finds himself poking around a top-secret government experiment and things get — strange. The show became so loved and …

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Stranger Things Confirms This Character’s Return in Season 2

**WARNING! POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1 OF STRANGER THINGS BELOW!** When we last saw Eleven during season 1 of Stranger Things, she seemingly gave her life to save her friends from the Demogorgon. Many fans, myself included, wondered what became of her as we didn’t actually SEE her die. Well, never fear viewers! Sources have told TVLine that Millie Bobby Brown …

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It’s A Stranger Things Christmas, Charlie Brown! VIDEO

Stranger Things/Charlie Brown Christmas mashup

Christmas is here early, courtesy of animator Leigh Lahav. Depressed Will Byers is the perfect Charlie Brown in this brilliant Stranger Things / Charlie Brown mashup. Can the poor young slug-hacking survivor of the Upside-Down get into the holiday spirit? Watch A Stranger Things Christmas below and find out!

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“Stranger Things” Confirmed For Second Season

The surprise hit and 80s homage, Stranger Things, will see a second season some time in 2017. Earlier this morning Netflix confirmed the news with a short teaser. You can see the teaser and enjoy the amazing opening credits song above or below. The soundtrack to this show is amazing. The original score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, two members …

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