Friday , 24 February 2017

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Prototypes Stolen from the Razer Booth at CES

With all the new exciting and groundbreaking technology coming out, it really is smart to save up the money needed to purchase it be it for necessity or your own personal entertainment purposes. It’s a really sound strategy that’ll pay off. Or in the case of one person, just outright nab an early prototype of said tech from a trade …

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The Kissenger Lets you Kiss Your Loved One Through the Phone

Long-distance relationships, they suck don’t they? Though as technology has advanced, the burden of being miles and miles away from your significant other has been lessened. Several messaging apps allow you to talk freely no matter your position in the world and there is of course video messaging be it through Skype or Facetime on your smartphone. While still hard …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned from All U.S. Flights

It really isn’t the best of times for Samsung right now. More troubles have risen for the Galaxy Note 7. While a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 is underway, the device has now been banned on all aircrafts and flights in the United States. As I’m sure many of you are thinking, those with the smartphone could simply …

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Grand Theft Auto V mod turns Galaxy Note 7 into bombs (VIDEO)

Much has been said about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and its tendency to sometimes randomly explode and make some people think that the iPhone 7 isn’t such a bad option for their next phone purchase. Samsung have of course recalled the device and given exchange options to their customers ever since the PR nightmare occurred in August. Now of …

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Who needs a Hulk when you can have a endless supply of cats? VIDEO

The technology seems sound, use a laser scanner, get a 3D representation of item i.e. cats, whip up the computer, input values into software, send info to boomer gun, fire gun, reproduce original item, repeat, profit. Right? Of course in this video, clearly the devil is afoot as no one but the fallen one would want to recreate that many …

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Bat-drone in development

The University of Illinois and Brown University are working on a bat-drone. I’ve yet to see any evidence that the project is funded by Wayne Enterprises, but it seems likely. They’re trying to come up with an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional quad-rotor drone. The National Science Foundation has provided the funds, $2.2 Million, to replicate the flight pattern of …

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Otto develops self-driving trucks

Otto Self-driving truck 4

Self-driving vehicles sound awesome. Many of the big tech names including Google, Uber and Apple have been working on the self-driving car. A group of former Googlers have founded a tech startup called Otto that seems determined to bring the technology to trucks first. It’s a good idea. I have a good friend that drives a truck, and I worry …

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FIRST LOOK: Mr. Robot’s Second Season Trailer Is Here! [VIDEO]

Mr. Robot

The Official trailer just dropped for the upcoming second season of Mr. Robot starring Until Dawn‘s Rami Malek. The trailer was announced today at the NBC’s 2016 conference and you can watch it here first: This award winning show is a hit with any tech geek filled with philosophical queries and endless action. The second season will be centered around what …

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Virtual Reality takes painting to an otherworldly level! [VIDEO]

Vocativ, a technological hub, showcased the beautifully intricate use of virtual reality in their stunning visual display of digital art by Tilt Brush. Creating artist masterpieces just took on an all new meaning with this otherworldly use of interactive technology. The artist shown is seen painting magnificent landscapes with all sorts of colours that seem too good to be true. …

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