Wednesday , 18 January 2017

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James Cameron’s Science Fiction Documentary to Air on AMC

When one thinks of science fiction, James Cameron is almost certainly one name that will be thought of. The first two Terminator movies, Aliens, The Abyss, and the highest-grossing film of all time, Avatar, all beloved in one way or another within the genre and public conscious. Well Cameron’s next project is sci-fi focused, but it’s coming to television. AMC …

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How Many Episodes will the Last Game of Thrones Season Have?

Winter has finally come in Game of Thrones, but it will soon end. We know the time for the massive HBO hit is soon coming to a close with seasons seven and eight, but how many more episodes we have exactly aren’t so certain any more. Season seven, which has recently wrapped up filming, will consist of seven episodes and …

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Inhumans Character Roster for ABC Series Possibly Revealed

It certainly came as a surprise that Marvel Studios had moved the Inhumans from their very own film to television with an eight-episode season. Yet again when you think about it, that was the right call sense it would mainly be focusing on THE Inhumans, and by that I mean the most notable characters of that species from Marvel Comics …

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Lemony Snicket Prepares You for A Series of Unfortunate Events

Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Patrcik Warburton/Lemony Snicket gets you up to speed on A Series of Unfortunate Events A Series of Unfortunate Events is Netflix’s latest and greatest original series. Oh, you didn’t read the books? Don’t worry. Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton) has you covered in a new trailer released by Netflix. In the trailer, he brings us up to speed on what’s going …

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Villain for the Supergirl & Flash Musical Crossover is Revealed!

Supergirl and Flash

The Music Meister is joining Supergirl and Flash! Fans of Supergirl and The Flash are one of two things. You’re either really excited over the announced 2-part musical crossover between the two shows, or you aren’t. I’m honestly not sure which group I fall into, we know that Grant Gustin has some serious singing chops, and I trust the runners …

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Black Flash is Returning to the Arrowverse on Multiple Shows!

Black Flash

Black Flash is coming… The last time we saw Zoom he was being hauled off by Time Wraiths on CW’s hit show The Flash. That won’t be the last time we see Hunter Zolomon, though. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, we can expect Zoom to return as the Black Flash on multiple shows within CW’s Arrowverse. Kreisberg: “I will say that …

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The CW Seed Resurrects Constantine as an Animated Series

Constantine on NBC was an absolutely perfect adaptation of hugely beloved fan-favorite character, John Constantine and the dark and crazy world he inhabits. It really got the meat and bones of the character in understanding who he really is and how his sorcery works, but more importantly, it was Matt Ryan’s performance that made it feel like John walked out …

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The CW Officially Announces the Charmed Reboot is In Development

Rising out of the cauldron anew, Charmed is coming back to television. After rumors upon rumors for years for years about a possible reboot of the supernatural/fantasy drama, The CW has confirmed that they are developing a brand new Charmed series. Created by Constance M. Burge and debuting back in 1998 on The WB, Charmed followed the Halliwells, a trio …

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First TV Spot for Powerless Shows Us Who the True Heroes Are

Debuting just under a month from now, we get to see a little more of NBC’s DC Universe set sitcom, Powerless via its first commercial. Take a peek for yourself down below! What’s significant about this TV ad here is that its the first footage we’ve seen since it was announced that the central place of business for the series …

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Trailer for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ HBO Documentary Debuts

With just two days until it premieres on HBO, the TV giant has released the trailer for Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, a documentary chronicling the relationship between the two Hollywood mainstays who recently passed away a day within each other. You can view it for yourself below. What’s evident throughout the trailer is the true love …

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