Friday , 24 February 2017

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Video Conferencing on the Rise in the US Healthcare Industry

When people think healthcare, they think white coats, stethoscopes, clip boards and that unmistakable scent of alcohol and cleaning product that permeates the rooms and hallways of any hospital. When people think video conferencing, they think of board rooms in New York and Japan, communicating via two giant wall-mounted TVs, with expensive microphone and speaker equipment and a skyline in …

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Having Trouble With Your Video Conferencing Tools? Try These Tips and Tricks

Video conferencing software is designed today to be as versatile and easy to use as possible, even for the biggest technophobes. Gone are the days when bulky conferencing systems were used only by the most high profile businesses and run solely by the IT department. This can make it all the more embarrassing when problems occur. These problems can still …

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