Monday , 27 February 2017

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Pocket Kingdom Game Review: An Amiga Homage

When I was a kid, my brother and I inherited an old Amiga system from our relatives in Toronto. Even though we had the original PlayStation at home, playing the Amiga at my grandparents’ house was one of the highlights of my childhood. I loved playing games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Police Quest, and Shadow of the Beast. …

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No Man’s Sky Update Coming Soon, What to Expect!

no man's sky title card games

After a long silence, Hello Games announced that the “Foundation” update is coming to No Man’s Sky. The beleaguered game infamously received harsh criticism and mixed reviews. The developer – and co-founder Sean Murray specifically – have been accused of misrepresenting gameplay and features in the build-up to launch. In the weeks since the release, Hello Games rolled out a …

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Unoffical Star Wars Battlefront Spin Off Coming To Steam

Star Wars Battlefront Spinoff

Valve, the company behind Steam has agreed to host the unofficial Star Wars Battlefront III spin-off by the name of Galaxy In Turmoil which is being developed by Frontwire. Frontwire had previously said to its fans that Galaxy In Turmoil might not have been possible because of its use of Star Wars intellectual property, however, that no longer seems to be …

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Blizzard Drops Ban Hammer With Overwatch Cheaters

Blizzard’s new hit game Overwatch released May 24th of this year and the gaming giant has already taken to getting rid of the hackers and cheaters that have already plagued the game. There have been upwards of 1,500 members that have been banned in China alone, and posts have been made of hacking forums that Blizzard’s cheat detection is untrickable. …

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Ubisoft’s ‘The Division’ Coming to Theaters?

The Division

That was fast. According to reports, Tom Clancy’s The Division is getting the movie makeover and it is already in development! Variety states that heading this adaptation is Jake Gyllenhaal working side by side with Ubisoft to make this a reality. He is also set to not only star in the film, but direct it as well. The third person …

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Update: New Release Date for No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

It came as a bit of a shock when Hello Games, the small indie studio has mysteriously sent correspondence to the game retail chain GameStop asking them to cover the posters release date with “Coming Soon” stickers. Well, finally Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games reached out for comment through the PlayStation blog and had this to say: The game …

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The Road to Final Fantasy XV Part 8

Greetings Gamers and welcome back. If you missed part seven click here to read it now. And as always, spoilers ahead. Today we are going to see how the prison life is treating Cloud and the gang. As well as the struggle that is perfecting Final Fantasy VI. We find ourselves in a desert prison yard that many of the …

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EA Sports Removes Patrick Kane from NHL 16 Cover

It appears that EA Sports is having some trouble with their 2016 NHL video game. More specifically, with their cover. The cover of the next year’s EA Sports NHL video game cover is a coveted spot for many top performing players, only granted to some of the best of the best from the previous season. It was previously announced that …

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Suicide Squad Coming to a Console Near You!

The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man (or psychotic sexy clown lady). According to Geoff Johns, DC Comics co-publisher and movie producer, we can expect to see a Suicide Squad video game in the near future. “We’re working on Suicide Squad; it’s in development right now,” Johns says in an interview with Kotaku. “I’m really super …

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