Sunday , 19 February 2017

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Suicide Squad Concept Art Shows How We Could’ve Seen the Joker

Suicide Squad continues to make an Oscar push by staying in the news Fans all over the country either loved or hated Warner Brothers’/DC Comics’ film, Suicide Squad. While you may agree with it or not, the film was nominated for an Oscar. (Even thought Deadpool wasn’t…) In an effort to keep buzz up around the film, DC and WB …

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Is Another Live Action Attack on Titan Movie Coming?

The crew from Attack on Titan

Warner Brothers is looking to lock down the film rights to Attack on Titan Can Warner Brothers evade an infamous curse in Hollywood? No not the curse of making a movie adaptation of a video game, but rather adapting a manga/anime into a live action movie. A report from Deadline reports that WB will look to do just that, and …

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Rumor: Wonder Woman Villain Has Been Revealed!

Wonder Woman vs. The God of War? There has been a report from “Studio Ciné Live” that was translated by Les Toiles Héroïques that Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman will be taking on Ares, the God of War in her upcoming solo film. This is the first I’m hearing of this report so it should be taken strictly as a rumor for the …

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Aquaman Stunt Team Is Prepping for Water Scenes


On the set of Aquaman: We’ve already seen news that pre-production has begun on DC’s Aquaman. Now it seems that the stunt performers are prepping for the film’s more grueling scenes, both by land and by sea. Keir Beck, the stunt coordinator for Aquaman, had this to say in an interview with 9news: “General stunt skills, fighting, y’know if there …

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Check Out This New Image From The Justice League Film!

The Cast of Justice League

The Justice League is coming! We were promised that new Justice League would be getting more promotion this month. Well readers, our wishes have come true. Zack Snyder has released an image of Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman from the upcoming film, Justice League: Part 1 in an article from Entertainment Weekly. Things seem to be going well with …

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Rumor: A Damian Wayne Batman Game Is On the Way

We need to face the facts, folks. Rocksteady is done making Batman games. That leaves the gargantuan task of filling their shoes up to WB Games: Montreal, the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins. The end of Origins featured a post-credits scene that teased a possible game based around the Suicide Squad. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below. Are we …

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Megan Fox Might be Playing Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens was just announced and rumors are already swirling about who will be cast as Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Will Megan Fox be in Gotham City Sirens? Bleeding Cool has reported that Megan Fox is preparing for the role of Poison Ivy in the upcoming Harley Quinn team-up movie. They went on to say they have evidence that …

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Affleck Confirms The Batman Will Start Shooting This Spring

Ben Affleck as The Batman

Ben Affleck recently sparked some concerns that it may be awhile before we see Batman again in his own solo film. He may have just been toying with us. As it turns out, Affleck confirmed in an interview with Variety that The Batman will start shooting this spring. Affleck is set to star as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film. He’s …

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Will Smith’s Deadshot May Be Getting A Spin-off Film

Will Smith as Deadshot holding a gun

Warner Brothers is kicking the tires on a Deadshot standalone film. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn may not be the only member of the Suicide Squad getting their own film. The Hollywood Reporter announced, along with news of Gotham City Sirens naming David Ayer as director, that DC is kicking the tires on the idea of giving Will Smith’s Deadshot his …

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Watch the First Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan filming Dunkirk

I, like many of you, fell in love with Christopher Nolan’s work while he sat at the helm of The Dark Knight Trilogy. He has since expanded his catalog with films like Interstellar and Inception. His latest venture, Dunkirk, is a movie about The Battle of Dunkirk during World War 2. Check out the first trailer below! This looks like …

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